Medical supplies and stretchers are platforms that provide the transportation of the injured person or patients who have an accident; medical product usage needs to complete with stretchers, hospitals, and clinics for the patients. AmbulanceMed group company provides ambulances and lots of medical supplies, and stretchers such as main, transfer, pole, chair, basket, scoop stretchers. AmbulanceMed group company supplies medical products that are emergency bags, examination tools, completion medical supplies, speakers, lamps, belts.

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Air Splint Set

The Air Splint Set uses an air shot to immobilize the fracture using a lightablesupport. In a factory; they are

Aluminum Oxygen Tubes

Aluminum Oxygen Tubes Medical oxygen tubes are produced in different capacities and shapes. Aluminum is especially portable in oxygen tubes up to 10-liter capacity.

Ambu Set

Apart from Ambu set hospital; the oxygen mask is also an important component of emergency medical transport services.

Ambulance Doctor Seat

Ambulance Doctor Seat is designed and manufactured based on a fixed-backed seat. It has been designed with contemporary design and

Ambulance Oxygen Flowmeter

Meters that measure the flow of oxygen meters are most commonly seen in oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators; machines that produce concentrated oxygen.

Ambulance Wall Bag

The wall pocket is specially designed for the user to move comfortably and quickly in ambulances and patient transport vehicles.

Basket Stretcher

Basket Stretcher A basket Stretcher is a piece of medical equipment used to transport a person while reaching out. It

Bulb Bag

• It has a holding compartment for at least 120 ampoules and injectors.• There are separators to prevent the bulbs from hitting each other.

Chair Stretcher

Combination chair stretcher designed for ambulances produced as compatible according to EN 1865 standards. This stretcher can also be used in hospitals and private clinics for the purpose of transferring the patient. When the elevator is broken in high-rise buildings, the patient can be transferred easily to the stairs by this stretcher.

Crash Cart

A Crash Cart (crash trolley) or code trolley (crash trolley in UK medical jargon) or "MAX trolley" is a series of trays/drawers/shelves on wheels used for on-site use of emergency medicine/equipment life support protocols (ACLS/ALS) for the transport and distribution of emergency medicines/equipment in hospitals.


AED – Automatic External Defibrillator device AED is small; portable; and capable of analyzing heart rhythm; and can electroshock to establish a normal rhythm that will allow circulation when necessary.

Diagnostic Kit

The doctor can use a diagnostic kit in a routine examination to assess the health of these areas and to look for specific clues about the patient's medical condition.