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BSL Laboratory Military Camouflage

Explore BSL's cutting-edge adaptive camouflage, featuring technology that dynamically adjusts to the environment, ensuring optimal concealment across diverse landscapes and scenarios.

Container General Examination Clinic

A Container General Examination Clinic 40ft is a healthcare facility focused on providing physical examinations to patients. It helps patients get preventive care so that they can get good health or stay healthy.

Container Gynecology Surgery Clinic

Gynecological Tables, are suitable for all kinds of Obstetric and Gynecological examinations, presented to the user's taste with a special stitching system in the desired color and style, and does not frighten the patient, especially with its compact appearance.

Fiat Ducato Mobile Gynecology Vehicle

The Mobile Gynecology Vehicle Consists of The Parts There is an input area looked from the backside of the vehicle that has a space covered with a thick curtain inside it in order to enable patients to dress up and undress.

Hospital Tent

Hospital Tent The Tent Hospital by AmbulanceMed represents a pioneering solution in healthcare infrastructure. This innovative product is designed to


Mobile Maternity ClinicThis mobile clinic is formed by integrating ISUZU NPR truck and 20 ft container. It is equipped to be used for childbirth and gynecological examination.

Toyota Hino Box Type Mobile Surgery Vehicle

The AmbulanceMed Box Type Mobile Surgery Vehicle features a cutting-edge design that maximizes available space for surgical procedures while maintaining a sterile environment. The interior layout is optimized to provide surgical teams with the necessary tools and space for complex operations.

Toyota HINO Surgery Clinic

Mobile surgery clinics are fully equipped facilities on wheels designed to provide essential surgical services directly to communities, featuring advanced operating theaters, stringent sterilization facilities, and diagnostic capabilities. Their inherent mobility enables access to remote or underserved regions, eliminating the need for patients to travel long distances. By bringing surgical care directly to communities, mobile clinics overcome geographical barriers, enhance healthcare accessibility, and ensure the delivery of high-quality medical services to those in need.


decontamination part consists of three independent components that are waterproof canvas, 4 nozzles shower system, and floor grid.

Infection Tent Against Corona

The negative pressure tent inventor provides advanced protection with a protective isolation system to prevent the spread of patients. Its installation is very fast.

Mobile Dental Clinic Manufacturer

AmbulanceMed is in high demand from South American countries with its mobile dental clinic that is developed for the on-site solution of dental disorders.

Mobile General Inspection Vehicles

With the Mobile General Inspection Vehicle, operations such as general examination screening and registration of people living in rural areas or migrant camps are carried out.