The Air Splint Set uses an air shot to immobilize the fracture using a lightablesupport. In a factory; they are performed plastic structures to fit a certain part of the body. Typically; a  set of air horses is wrapped around an arm or leg; keeping the bones steady as the patient is transported to the hospital. This type of spousal is usually not used to support breakage for a long time; since it is less safe and provides less structural support than plaster spousals or glass fiber spousals.

When not in use; the air spousal set is a flattened structure with an inflator valve. Usually; an air-mounted set can be inflated by a person who blows the valve and then closes the valve. Mechanical inflation is not necessary and can be dangerous in reality; since very high pressure can be reached. Since these spousals need to fit on the injured part of the body; they are designed to fit on various ends of the body; such as feet; legs; or arms.

Air Splint Set

In an emergency; immobilization is the main function of the air-mounted set. One advantage of an air shot is that it is easily placed in a first aid kit when inflated. In an emergency; a splint can be inflated very quickly to support the affected limb; compared to some other types of a splint. Also; it is very easy to remove after extinguishing; and some of them come with zipper openers to facilitate it.

The air-mounted set is much more fragile than other scents; such as an air-inflated spline made of plastic; gypsum spousals. For example; a set of air splints can be punctured and extinguished over time. The person wearing the Atel may find plastic uncomfortable to be near the skin; but applying talcum powder-like powder can prevent the skin from sticking to plastic.

Overinflating the Air Spousal  Set can also reduce blood supply to the affected limb; but this is also a common risk of most other spousals. When an accident patient has to fly by air to a hospital; the air-mounted set needs partial deflation; so changing the air pressure at altitude does not squeeze the injury too much. Temperature changes and therefore air pressure can also affect the pressure inside the atelier; so the Italian may need to be adjusted in these cases.

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Air Splint Set Air Splint Set

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