Ambulance Doctor Seat is designed and manufactured based on a fixed-backed seat. It has been designed with contemporary design and comfort with weight; modular production method; flexible logistics; and most of the advantages that can be counted within the scope of the highest quality products.

The Ambulance Doctor Seat is based on a unique metal fixed backed 450 mm wide. The 450 mm seat cushion is made with width and depth.

The ambulance doctor’s seat has an automatic seatbelt of “All Ages” which enters the 3P frame.

The ambulance doctor’s seat has an upward folding seat cushion with a g-track piston mechanism.

There is a sliding mechanism that works when the ambulance doctor’s seat is opened.

Ambulance doctors’seat the lower piece of plastic under the seat cushion; there is a plastic back cover at the back of the seat.

All parts of the ambulance doctor’s seat are decorated with artificial leather that meets ECE R118 International flammability standards.

The ambulance doctor’s seat is designed according to European standards and placed inside the ambulance according to ambulance standards

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Ambulance Doctor Seat Ambulance Doctor Seat

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