Announcement system with lightbar and loudspeaker

> The beacon lights of the ambulance designed using high-tech LEDs.

> A system determined in order to regulate the flow and voltage on the LED modules that keep LEDs lifespan in maximum degree.

> Blue and transparent polycarbonate plastic material possess high endurance against UV and dashes. Produced according to the intended color and sizes.

> Light intensity made more stimulating by using special lenses.

> Can be mounted simply on the ambulance vehicles since under the favor of its special design.

> It has a low wind force constant according to the speed of the vehicle.

> The beacon lamps operate with 12v or 24v.

> It has ECE R65, IP and SAE standards. In addition, it passed the EMC suitability tests with excellent success.

> It produced in various sizes between 114 cms and 189 cms for each kind of vehicles such as ambulance, police car, and fire engine.

> A siren device mounted into the determined place of the vehicle in order to control these lamps.  The driver can alter the modes of lights and siren voices by this device.

> The speaker, placed in the ambulance beacon lamp, has a decent decibel that doesn’t annoy the patient in the ambulance

> 14 (in maximum) side lamps can be mounted on both sides of the top next to the beacon lamps, placed on the rear and front sides of the ambulance, if requested.

> A vocal announcement can be made by the driver or the other employee via a handheld.

> The lamps can be mounted on each kind of vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, fire engines, and military vehicles, with different mounting techniques.



Announcement system with light...

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