Infection Type Ambulance



Infection Type Ambulance is specially designed for the transportation of infected patients (who have contagious diseases like Corona, BSL-4, Ebola, SARS, Mers, Avian Flu, Swine Flu (H1N1) in the best possible high isolation.

Negative pressure and desired air circulation are created in the patient compartment by the use of air-sucking-fans.

Circulated air is passed through the HEPA filters to decontaminate the air used in the compartment and some of it blew out of the ambulance while some of it blew through the compartment again as clean air.

So it is provided that the infected patient is carried in safe with no harm to the outside environment and the ambulance crew by use of negative pressure and the desired air circulation.

Desired air circulation is that the air blew into the compartment dominates the rising air from the flooring and that sucked by the fans so that always decontaminated air is present just above the patient.

Infection Type Ambulance

Patient compartment pressure can be lowered to 260 pascals forcing the contaminated air to move through the filters and so that is provided the best possible air circulation creating maximum safety inside the compartment.

Corona, Ideally, the pressure inside the compartment can be adjusted to 100 Pascal.

For ensuring a long-lasting hygienic environment, the number of 0.3-micron size particles is kept below 2.000.000. ( in tests done in the development phase.

It is observed that the number of particles of o3 micron is around 10.200) Two echelon filtration (FT-H13 HEPA filters) system is used for the air circulation inside the compartment.

The airflow rate of the HVAC system used in the compartment for air circulation is max. 1800 m3/h and can be adjusted to the required values. Corona,

With the use of high-tech automation systems, temperature, humidity, pressure and particular parameters can be adjusted by the crew responsible. The risk of spreading the contaminated air outside is eliminated by using specially designed Ambulancemed Guard Filters.

The decontamination rate of 99.95 % is reached with the use of F9 and H13 filters. There are 2 filters of Guard HEPA filters on the left and right side of the compartment.

Cooling and heating systems are protected against bacteria and viruses by using HEPA filter systems. Corona, All the material and equipment used inside the compartment have rounded corners for easy decontamination and are long-lasting products.

Epoxy floor covering is special for preventing bacteria and virus populations from growing and easy to decontaminate.

It has long-lasting usage life and not affected by decontamination solutions (Formaldehit Paraformaldehit-H2O2) The patient compartment is designed to comply with the requirements of the TS EN 1789 standard. All the standard ambulance medical types of equipment are located in patient cabins.