Basket Stretcher

A basket Stretcher is a piece of medical equipment used to transport a person while reaching out. It is specially designed to be transported by ambulance and is used in cons. A  Basket Stretcheris deployed from an ambulance after it reaches an injured person who needs to be removed and transported to a hospital. It can be carried by two paramedics; one at both ends; and is usually connected to a wheelbase to be pushed along the wheels.

Basket Stretcher is used in the medical profession to transport an injured person when they are inadequate to the extent that they cannot walk; move; or are unconscious. Some injuries require the use of an ambulance stretcher; for example; a suspected neck injury; even if it is not confirmed. A person at the scene of the accident can be fitted with a neck brace before being placed on a stretcher to be carried.  Basket Stretcherpotentially worsens the situation by eliminating the need for the injured person to make unnecessary movements.

Basket Stretcher This transport device is designed to fit and be transported into an ambulance. Due to limited space and weight restrictions; reactionaries are created as small as possible but still large enough to carry a large person. Basket Stretcher  They have special features so that they can be easily removed; re-attached; and locked in the ambulance before going to the hospital.

basket Stretcher Basket Stretcher

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