The emergency birth kit is one of the mandatory medical supplies that should be found in whole ambulance vehicles. It consists of sterile disposable materials that ambulance health personnel can easily use when needed. The kit is provided with a special bag that does not occupy much space in the ambulance. Its special bag is made of a zippered, transparent, stain-free material that can be easily washed and wiped when it gets dirty. The bag’s edges are sewn with high-quality stitching with a unique roving in order to make the bag more robust. The content list of the birth set is printed on the bag. Other medical supplies can be added depending on the request of the ambulance health personnel.  Each medical supply in the Ambulance Emergency Birth Kit has its own special package. This package contains the name tag of the product.

Ambulance Emergency Birth Kit consists of the following products:

  1. a) 1 aluminum baby blanket,
  2. b) 3 triangular bandages,
  3. c) 2 pieces of 6 cm. X 2 m. Bandage,
  4. d) 1 infant face mask (pediatric oxygen mask)
  5. e) 1 glove,
  6. f) 1 compress,
  7. g) 1 diaper,
  8. h) 3 hub clamping latches,
  9. i) 1 silk patch,
  10. j) 2 diaper towels,
  11. k) 1 curved scissors
Emergency Birth Kit

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