CBRN Tent designed as being protective against the adverse effects resulting from a biological, chemical, radioactive, and nuclear strike. A lining airlock system used for the CBRN tent.

The tent provides an environment without toxic elements owing to having negative pressure, which allows the employee to intervene in a safe working environment without wearing protective uniforms.

In fact, the risk of being contaminated, resulting from tiredness and stress due to operating with CBRN equipment, prevented under the favor of negative overpressure.

The system consists of three main topics that are an inflatable tent, a decontamination tent, CBRN tent.

> There are specific parts for undressing, taking shower, and disinfection that separated from each other by curtains.

> decontamination part consists of three independent components that are waterproof canvas, 4 nozzles shower system, and floor grid.

> Decontamination tent made available for use via an independent compressor.

> There are closed containers for dirty water and barrels for dirty clothes placed in the decontamination shower.

> A pump having an internal absorption system for recruitment for water, a pump for discharging the water, a blower with electricity, and a diesel heater located in it.