The ambulance combination chair stretcher
Combination chair stretcher designed for ambulances produced as compatible according to EN 1865 standards. This stretcher can also be used in hospitals and private clinics for the purpose of transferring the patient. When the elevator is broken in high-rise buildings, the patient can be transferred easily to the stairs by this stretcher.

> Stretcher chair made from hardened aluminum tubes with special alloy and changeable injection moldings and designed according to intended color as colored with electrostatic powder paint or anodized.

> The legs of the combination stretcher (chair) are supplied with two wheels at least 100 mm in diameter and lockable in the open position.

> The combined ambulance stretcher (chair) takes up little space in the ambulance or hospital because it can be closed when not in use.

> The stretcher has 3 systems of disposable straps with a lock, 2 pairs of handles, and at least one pair of wheels. Handles located at the top behind and bottom of the front sides of the stretcher skeleton to facilitate patient transport.

> The seat and back part covered with an ex vinyl material, non-flammable and stainless.

> The stretcher has a locking system to keep it in place. It can be positioned as a lying position whenever you want. It can be carried by at least two people using the handles. Provision may be made for the front support pillow for patient comfort to be requested. This pillow can be separated from the stretcher by its touch closure whenever you want.

> The combined ambulance stretcher (chair) has all types of international documents. The measures of the stretcher are 1900 +/- 50 mm * 540 +/- 50 mm. Its weight is 13 kilograms at most; the load capacity is 150 kilograms.

Chair Stretcher

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