The diagnostic kit is a set of medical instruments used to look at the eyes; ears; nose; and throat. Typically; the set consists of a single device with configurable parts that can be used for all four functions; making it easier for a doctor to use and carry a diagnostic kit. In others; two tools can be found with a separate ophthalmoscope for the eyes. Some doctors protect themselves; while others use diagnostic kits used to stock examination rooms and clinic suites.

Devices used to look at the eyes are known as ophthalmoscopes; while autoscopes can be used when looking at the ears. The design includes a base connected to a powerful light source and a magnifying glass that can be used to visualize the area of interest; speculums to peek into the ears and pull the nose up. The speculum was removed to look at the throat or eyes.

The doctor can use a diagnostic kit in a routine examination to assess the health of these areas and to look for specific clues about the patient’s medical condition. For example; if a patient complains of ear pain; the doctor uses an auto shop to look at the ears for signs of inflammation and other problems that can cause the ears to feel painful.

The speculums used are altered between uses to eliminate the risk of disease; and the diagnostic set can also be deleted among patients. In addition to being used with basic attachments; the diagnostic set includes large speculums that allow doctors to place tools through speculation in the area and a series of magnifying glasses that will allow the doctor to see different areas of magnification. and polarized filters for eye examinations.

Diagnostic Kit

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