Emergency Aid Animation Bag

Ambulance Emergency Aid Backpack is made of high-quality material. It is designed especially for use in the ambulances by paramedics and other medical personnel. Apart from the ambulance, the Emergency Bag can meet the healthcare personnel’s needs in places such as mobile clinics, field hospitals, infirmaries, and health cabins. High strength quality sewing and zipper system are used in our bag, and it is produced according to the desired color and fabric.

Ambulance Emergency Bag is suitable for carrying on hand, shoulder, and back. There are carrying handles located vertically and horizontally, especially for hand carrying. The Emergency Bag is made of durable 1100 denier PVC tarpaulin fabric that is resistant to water, dust, and all weather conditions. The size of the Emergency Bag, except side pockets, is 55 * 40 * 20 cm. (± 3 cm). With these dimensions, the ambulance bag does not occupy much space in the vehicle and can be fixed in its own area. There is a portable oxygen cylinder attachment apparatus in the Ambulance Emergency Bag. There are a total of 5 detachable bags with a transparent cover and zipper in different sizes and colors in the Ambulance Emergency Bag. There are high-quality zippered pockets in various capacities on the right, left sides, and upper cover of the bag. There is a reflector band on the front and sides of the bag in order to increase visibility.

The surrounding of the ambulance bag is covered by shock-absorbing plastic materials against external factors. The bag shoulder belt is made of high-quality, soft, and solid substance. There is an adjustable connecting belt at the midline point and waist level to facilitate carrying on the back and fixing it to the waist. There is also a pillow made of soft material in the lumbar region. At the bottom of the Ambulance Emergency Bag, there is a PVC fabric made as a second layer that prevents liquid passage, and this fabric is also fixed on the ground. The Ambulance Emergency aid backpack has four rubber shock-absorbing feet in order to stand the bag uprightly. The bag is surrounded by a black wick that provides durability, aesthetics and sealing to the bag.

Depending on the requests, the suitcase-type wheel system and carrying handle can be attached to the bag.

Emergency Bag

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