The table consists of three parts, head-back, seat, and telescopic leg, and can be hidden in the body of the table when the foot and heel extension parts are not used.
There is a seating part of the table, 1 drawer under it and a waste tray in compliance with hygiene standards on the platform above the drawer, and a foot extension mechanism on this tub, all of which can be hidden in the body of the table after the process.
The leg supports of the table can be mounted on the heel supports and can be removed when not in use. (Optional Feature)
The heel extension of the table is foldable, can be angled to the right and left, and is telescopic. When not in use, it can be hidden inside the table body.
The up-down and back movements of the table are made by means of an electrical motor, and this electrical motor is placed in the system in a way that does not distort the image.
The electric motor is operated with hand control, optionally, this system can be turned into a foot control.
The table has the capacity to carry patients up to 120-160 kg without vibration.
There is a towel hanging mechanism on the back of the table and it can be easily attached and removed when necessary.
Measures of rising and falling in the up and down movement of the table do not prevent the patient from reaching the table easily.
The back and side surface of the seat cushion of the table are two cm oval in height compared to other surfaces.
The body of the table is electrostatically painted in high quality and made in the desired color.

Examination Table

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