Expandable Container Hospital

An expandable container hospital manufactured by transforming containers having 20 or 40 ft gauges into a hospital.

It is possible to carry the container as being closed during the shipping process.

Expandable Container Hospital

Expandable Container Hospital

An expandable container hospital manufactured by transforming containers having 20 or 40 ft gauges into a hospital.

It is possible to carry the container as being closed during the shipping process.

The container consists of three main parts which are

-greeting room

-examination and intervention room, which can be also designed as a resistance room

-technical room

Greeting room

It is located on the first part when entered the container from the front door. There is a doctors’ seat, patient examination bed,     sphygmomanometer, height-weight measuring device, EKG, and minimal circulation sets located in the room. This room enables making a preliminary examination to the patient before s/he moves to the examination room.

Examination room

The supplies placed in the room are variable depending on the requirements. Oxygen and nitrogen gases stored in each module as being internal. A high functional operation table with a powerful lightning feature placed in the room. An examination table can be placed instead of the operation table. There is no need to alter the tables’ place even in the transportation process because it is immobilized to the ground. However, its direction can be changed by the doctor. There is a bed-side monitor, a defibrillator device, a vacuum aspirator, a ventilator device, and additional devices considering the intended use.

There are cabinets, manufactured from stainless steel material, placed on the ground and the ceilings of the room in order to enable storing. They are antibacterial and antistatic; in addition, can be cleaned effortlessly. Antibacterial epoxy material, which is antibacterial and antistatic, used in the covering of the ground. Also, there is a bench for preparing medicines. There is a medical waste box under the bench in order to stock the medical wastes safely. The examination table located in the room can be transformed into a gynecological examination table. Also,     ultrasound devices and Doppler can be added for the gynecological examination.

There is a sink having a hot-cold feature located in the room. The wastewater coming from the sink stored in the wastewater storage based in the technical room. There are governors showing the amount of water on the storage.

Expandable Container Hospital Technical Room

It is located on the rear side of the container. It can be reached from the outside and inside apart from the other rooms. A generator, ups, hot-cold hydrophore, air conditioning unit, electric and communication system, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen management system, and a hydraulic system placed in the technical room. Also, a solar panel system can be mounted to the top of the container if requested.

General features:

There is an expandable part whose measure depends on the size of the container: 4 meters expandable part for 20 ft container; 8 meters expandable part for 40 ft container. The container has the capability of expanding nearly 1,5 meters among the left-right outwards. The medical supplies in the container are taken from the inside to the outer side manually when the container is open. On the other hand, the medical supplies and the cabinets are immobilized on the main center when the container is closed. There is an immobilization system in order to prevent the devices in the container from damaging during the transportation process.

The container can be transported by using cranes to the intended area. The hydraulic system is in a locked position during the transportation process. The container can be positioned on the ground by using 4 hydraulic lifts if requested to made higher it. This feature is optional. It is provided that resistance and stability against the vibrations coming from the ground during the operation process.

The external box of the expandable container manufactured from sheet metal. The internal surfaces of the container covered with PVC material with polyurethane that provides heat and sound insulation. The roof is resistant against heavy rain and snow; moreover, it is covered with galvanizing. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof if requested. The energy coming from the panels can be stored in the batteries located in the technical room. The lights, included in the system, and the devices requiring simple power can be operated by this energy.

Expandable Container Hospital internal air-conditioner unit

An internal air-conditioner unit, produced as being harmonious according to the desert, equator, and north climates, placed in the container. There is a high volume heating system, that moves independently from the generator, operating with diesel or gasoline. The air inlet and outlet units of the air-conditioner placed out of the technical room. There is a dust catcher, antibacterial air filters in the air inlet doorway of the air-conditioner in order to keep the air in the container fresh and clean. Also, it prevents dust and sand from entering the hospital especially in the dusty and stern areas such as deserts.

The medical equipment and patient seats used in the expandable container can be replaced according to the purpose of use. It is possible to present mobile health solutions especially consisting of the newborn unit.

An obstetric table can be located in the middle of the container. A bed, placed in the greeting room, can be donated in order to allow the mother to have a rest after the birth. A newborn incubator can be placed in the greeting room. The system can be used as both a birth unit or a gynecological examination.

LED lights used in order to light the cabinet of the container.

The desk of the expandable container is manufactured from aluminum material. There is a lock mechanism on the main bottom conveyor system in order to make the carrying process easier. There are hydraulic kits in order to prevent the expandable area from opening during the carrying process. The positions of the external caps can be controlled by manual cranks located in the technical room in case there is a decrease in the amount of hydraulic oil in the system.

There is a touch-operated control board placed in the expandable container hospital.

The whole sockets used in the system are prevented against the stray voltage.

There is a sterilized shared area in the container. An operation desk having LEDs located in the middle of the area. An oxygen system situated next to the desk. There is a filter system in the patient cabinet in order to keep the air in there fresh and clean.

There are fragrance detectors and fire extinguishing vehicles in each room.

There is an encoded sliding door in the technical room.

The visuals are given on the purpose of exposure. Please get in touch with us for a detailed picture, drawing, and material list.


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