Fiat Doblo ambulance is the new favourite of our customers with its ease of use, ergonomic structure, convenient use on the most difficult and narrow roads and low cost. Due to the narrow roads of countries in Africa and the Middle East and the heavy traffic, Fiat Doblo ambulance is in high demand from these countries of the region. Our Fiat Doblo ambulance is the most suitable ambulance for reaching the most difficult places to reach and transporting patients even on the narrowest roads.

We designed the left side of our Fiat Doblo ambulance in the most ergonomic way as it has limited storage space. On the left side, we have created areas for fixing medical devices and storing supplies. On the right side, dustpan stretcher was used as a space for fixing products such as spine board. We also added an ambulance attendant’s seat to the head of the patient’s stretcher. The base of our Doblo ambulance is the epoxy coating we prefer in every ambulance. Doblo ambulance interior coatings are made of ABS material and cabinets are made of MDF or foam board according to customer preferences. Electrical installation and interior lighting were designed in accordance with the ergonomic use of the Fiat Doblo ambulance. Peak lamps were placed as a cylindrical led type peak lamp in the front, one large one in the rear. As with all our ambulances, we can apply design changes in our  Doblo ambulance according to the wishes and suggestions of our customers. For example; we can apply all the requests and suggestions, such as different design requests for additional turbo ventilation or peak lamps, to our Fiat Doblo ambulance with ease, which is given by our manufacturer.