Our Fiat Doblo ambulance is offered for sale as a new favorite of our customers with its ergonomic structure in terms of ease of use, convenient use on the most difficult and narrow roads and low cost. Due to the narrow roads and heavy traffic of countries in Africa and the Middle East, the Fiat Doblo ambulance is in great demand from these regions and countries. Our Fiat Doblo ambulance is the most suitable ambulance to reach the most difficult places to reach and to transport patients even on the narrowest roads.

We designed the left side of our Fiat Doblo ambulance in the most ergonomic way as it has limited storage space. On the left side, we have created areas to secure medical devices and store supplies. On the right side, we have included use as a space for fixing products such as dustpan stretcher, spine board. We also added an ambulance attendant seat to the head of the patient’s stretcher. The most basic feature of our Doblo ambulance is the epoxy coating that we prefer in every ambulance. Doblo ambulance interior linings are made of ABS material and cabinets are made of MDF or foam board according to customer preferences. The electrical installation and interior lighting are designed in accordance with the ergonomic use of the Fiat Doblo ambulance, with peak lights placed as a cylindrical LED-type peak lamp at the front, a large one at the rear. As with all our other ambulances, we can apply special design changes to our Fiat Doblo emergency ambulance according to the wishes and suggestions of our customers. If example be leaving; we can easily apply all requests and suggestions, such as different design requests for October turbo ventilation or peak lamps, to our Fiat Doblo Ambulance provided by our manufacturer according to your wishes and opinions.

Fiat Doblo ambulance offers you a better way; compact design, easy to take impressive carrying capacity and size of the city allows for a model without sacrificing performance allows the array to move an item. Its fully refurbished interface is rich in style and technological content. The lines of the hood and front bumper improve aerodynamics and provide greater efficiency even at low speeds.


Designed as a long wheelbase (3105 mm), raised roof in our Fiat Doblo Emergency Relief Ambulance.

The powertrain is Multijet 2.0 L-125 HP, but is designated as white in color.

Our Doblo ambulance has 2 front seats (individual seats are height adjustable and tilt with armrests).

Air conditioning is available.

AR decoiler Radar systems are installed.

Blue & me pack (MP3 CD + Bluetooth + steering wheel controls)

Electric mirrors and de-icers

Mandatory Options:

Has 2 sliding side doors

Furnished with glass package and body color bumpers.

Fog lights attract the attention of our customers around the world, and at the same time, our Fiat Doblo ambulance, which is among the new trends, has entered a unique area of choice for our customers decisively.


Technical Details

Axle distance (mm) 2755/3105 Maxi

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Cylinder volume (cc)1248

Number and placement of cylinders 4, single row, front transverse

Common Rail Multijet direct injection with multi-point electronic control with fuel feedstuff and intercooler

Max power hp – d / d95-3750

Max torque Nm-d / d200-1500

Emission level 6

Fiat Doblo Emergency Ambulance

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