Thanks to its 30 years of experience in our Fiat Ducato ambulance in Ambulance EOW, over 10,5 million km of experimental testing in the last generation, quality, integrity and reliability have increased to a new level.

Our Fiat Ducato Ambula is equipped with a 160 HP 3.0 Multijet diesel engine. In addition, the ESP security system was added to our Fiat Ducato Ambulance and these ambulances, especially on the road, which will be used in series. The Fiat Ducato 4×4 ambulance with 142 120 HP 2.3 Multijet diesel engines is among the fast and newly preferred ambulances across the Ministry of Health and countries, especially in areas where difficult winter conditions occur. In our Fiat Ducato ambulance with 4×4 traction system, the French Automobiles has successfully completed 20 hours of R&D work and 200 km of hard road tests developed in collaboration with Dangel.

The driver can easily operate without special training and no buttons are pressed to engage the 4×4 system while driving, While it is a major use benefit of the system, our constant Fiat Ducato Ambulence feels that the wheels are having difficulty holding on to the road when the vehicle is driving in 4×4 driving normally in 4×2, the 4×4 system is engaged to provide outstanding driving performance. This also optimizes fuel consumption values.

With the innovation of our Fiat Ducato 4×4 ambulance, a first in its segment, we can say that it aims to fill an important gap in winter tourism hotels for public and military units in passenger and freight transport, rural municipalities, road and dam construction companies.

There is also an option of external lockers to provide quick and easy access to the equipment required without having to access our Fiat Ducato Emergency Assistance ambulance. The integrated side step provides easier access to the vehicle with less height. This reduces the risk of VOR connected to the dive step. An integrated team also reduces the risk of accidental injury to the patient. The modular box has an internal width of 100 mm larger than the van, and layout options are much more versatile and patient comfort is improved. The extra width allows a carrying chair to be loaded without carrying forward facing sedan seats.


Our Ambulancemed EOW Fiat Ducato Ambulance has all the Windows available for indoor integrated blinds or ice/tint options

There are 4 LED spotlight.

4 LED body blinking blue lights are available.

Our Ducato Ambulance has a new generation of LED warning lights and light bars, front and rear.

And therewithal multiple communication antenna patterns.

In our Fiat Ducato ambulance, the audible warning system has been fully tested and the noise-compatible 100 W, the speaker driver has been routed to assist in service and reduce the risk of failure.

A speaker horn is available positioned for maximum acoustic effect.

LED vehicle rear tail lights, side marker lights and clearance lights are also fitted with a new generation of red LED impact lights fitted to the rear facing door edges. Has a system

Featuring an excellent innovation with LED input lighting, the Horse Ducato is built with an HDR color video system with 4 external cameras, including a reversing camera and 1 built-in cameras.

Our outdoor Ducato Ambula has a fully automatic air suspension system.

The automatic removal charging socket with the and 16 LED charge indicator is located.

Our Fıat Ducato Emergency Assistance Ambulance on the Ambulcemed EWO side offers increased internal width, placement flexibility, patient and operator comfort and a more interoperable workspace.
However, the integrated side step provides easy access to the vehicle to reduce injury and VOR times.
Our Horse Ducato Emergency Assistance Ambulance is highly resistant to bacteria and disinfectants and contains no organic material, and the SALOON interior is made of light and hard PVC with a high field of view.
Our Ducato Ambulence, which is also important for indoor specifications, has storage cabinets for medical equipment to meet the requirements of JR Calc and CEN.

Overall dimensions:
Length: 5099 mm
Width: 2680 mm
Height: 2024 mm
Full mass: 3300 kg
Wheelbase: 3200 mm
Engine: 2.3 JTD 16V
Power: 81 kW
Maximum torque: 270 Nm
Fuel tank capacity: 80 l
Maximum speed: 143 km/h


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