First Aid Kit is a practice to prevent the current situation of patients and injured from getting worse in various accidents and injuries until they are taken to the health care facility. Conscious and accurate first aid can help significantly reduce the impact of injuries. Therefore; it is important to have a first aid kit with enough material with us at all times and on the ground. First aid kits are arranged with tools to be used in first aid applications at the scene of the accident and provide first aid at the scene. It is arranged at home; at school; at work; in the car; that is; with the thought that the person will be in an accident everywhere.

It no longer delivers first aid kits or boxes of drugs. Drugs are not a first aid tool and a tool. The unconscious application can result in death.

First aid kits should always be in the most easily accessible places. It should be somewhere at a height that the first aide will reach in no time but the children cannot. Locking can delay the application. The first aid kit should be kept in a very humid or dry place; away from a direct source of heat and where children can access it. What should be found in the First Aid Kit are the basic materials needed to stop the blood at the time of first intervention; to prevent the wound from getting infected or similar situations.

First Aid Kit

The basic rule to consider in first aid is; not to harm the sick/injured when I say help. That is; it should be known that toothpaste should not be applied to the burn and that tobacco is not suitable for the wound. The edited bag should be checked at least twice a year to replace the material that is missing; aging; or worn out.

It is designed for situations that require emergency intervention in ambulances; home care; factories; and workplaces. It is made of orange and hard plastic. It is offered with a wall mount kit. The bag can be supplied empty or filled with the necessary materials for first aid. If the bag is demanded in full; it is given in various sizes and lengths with the following materials.

Plaster Band; Plaster Band; Adhesive Wound Pad; Bandage; Hydrophilic Cotton; Sterile Gauze; Tourniquet; Elastic Bandage; Triangle Bandage; Scissors; Artificial Respiratory Mask; Protection Cover; Waste Bag; Disposable Glove; Instant Cold Compress; Antiseptic Solution Oxygenated Water; Digital Thermometer; Tweezers; Safety Pin; First Aid Booklet

First Aid Kit First Aid Kit

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