As AmbulanceMed, we apply our American type ambulance to GMC vehicles and as such we meet many requests from Africa.

In this model of ambulance, called Type II by American standards, fiberglass coating and cabinet systems are used on vehicles of the GMC brand. On the left side of the vehicle are cabinet systems and a fixed oxygen system for medical equipment. There are also drawers for medical supplies and a doctor’s seat on the vehicle’s partition wall. At the request of the user, one or two seats can be placed on the right instead of the bench. However, the lower parts of the bench can also serve as a storage area.

The GMC Ambulance Patient Section cabinet, ceiling and side covers are made of fiberglass in mold form and installed in the GMC vehicle. The floor covering of the GMC Ambulance is covered with an anti-bacterial and non-slip epoxy type material. The exterior lighting lamps of our GMC ambulances can also be used in American type ambulances. The GMC Ambulance oxygen system outlets are designed as German, British and French types according to customer preference.

The electrical installation and interior lighting of GMC ambulances are equipped with high quality materials and workmanship. Color-coded cables are used in the electrical installation and fluorescent LEDs with night mode in the interior lighting.

GMC brand vehicles are used in our ambulance models called American Type II. They are offered with gasoline or diesel engine options. However, GMC brand ambulances mainly work with gasoline engines and are preferred.

Our GMC Ambulance models are generally in demand by Middle East countries as we mentioned above as well as African countries. One of the most important reasons for preferring our GMC Ambulances is the accessibility of spare parts and reasonable maintenance costs of GMC vehicles in African countries.

Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulance GMC Ambulance

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