Our Hyundai H1 emergency help ambulance is a model that is the choice of many countries in Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Africa. Our Hyundai H1 ambulance is also manufactured to the same standard as all our other ambulances. It is a user-friendly ambulance with interior design and production materials.

The left side of our Hyundai H1 ambulance has been used as suitable storage areas and medical device fixing area for ambulance attendants. Our cabinets produced for storage areas also used foam bord material. At the base, MDF is placed on the car floor and epoxy coating is made on it. The right side was again preferred as a seating area for the staff on duty. In Hyundai H1 ambulance design, our customers can also choose a bench or seat on the right side if they want. We offer petrol or diesel engine options for Hyundai H1 ambulance.

Medical equipment and medical equipment in Hyundai H1 ambulance have been preferred for our customers considering the appropriate quality and quality. Our Hyundai H1 ambulance in emergency aid, AED Defibrillator, portable vacuum aspirator, diagnostic set, portable sphygmomanometer, wall type sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, such as medical devices. Also, Hyundai H1 ambulance in a stretcher, stretcher, chair, dustpan stretcher, spine board, inflatable splint kit, KED vest, birth kit, burn kit, body bags, first aid bags, medical equipment, such as location. In addition, the Hyundai H1 emergency help ambulance also has a 2×10 liter oxygen cylinder and oxygen system as standard.

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