Infection Tent Against Corona


Infection Tent Against Corona (” For Any kind of Viruses such as Corona, Sars, Mers…etc”)

Infection Tent Against Corona; In epidemics such as Corona Virus, Sars, Ebola, and in cases of severe acute respiratory infection, negative pressure isolation tents can be used to prevent the spread of airborne patients.

The Infection negative pressure tent isolates the air inside the awning with negative compressed air.

Medical Infection tent isolates infection in the air. The system includes a negative pressure system, Hepa filters, UV filters, Medical gases, monitoring, tracking, and alarm system. The system can be converted to a positive pressure tent if desired.

The negative pressure tent inventor provides advanced protection with a protective isolation system to prevent the spread of patients. Its installation is very fast.

With the negative pressure tent we offer as a mobile and economic solution for virus outbreaks, which is the most challenging area of health for countries, it enables countries to take early precautions in virus outbreaks.

Built your quarantine hospital in seconds!

Infection tent allows simple, fast, and economical measures to be taken in mass health problems such as ebolavirus, flu group viruses, and Coronavirus.

The negative pressure tent provides an important advantage to the countries with the easy intervention and isolation of infected patients, thanks to its easy installation in the entrance areas of the countries such as customs gates and airports.

In addition, the rural areas where the virus is seen can be easily accessed and installed, providing on-site treatment and isolation of patients.

Infection Tent Against Corona Negative Pressure Tent Features:

The Infection tent is made of a medical tent fabric made of durable PVC material, suitable for outdoor weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow.

In addition, a lining was added to the tent to protect it from UV lights. The tent is liquid and waterproof. The approximate weight is 250g / m2. Medical Tent Approximately inner area is 60 m2.

The tent base is also made of waterproof PVC fabric.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus Infection

The Infection tent has a light and easy-to-install field type bed where 12 patients can be hospitalized. In addition, each patient has electrical outlets, medical gas outlets, and lighting at the bedside.

Fast to Build and %100 Effective!

The negative pressure tent is provided with a negative pressure device (Anti pressure device). A negative pressure device (Anti pressure device) is designed to be used in quarantine areas.

It works with a three-chamber filtration system consisting of two pre-filters and Hepa filters. It is wheeled and portable. It is easy to clean, long-lasting, and robust thanks to its special sheet surface.

In addition, the UV filter system is provided for cleaning the air inside the tent. In this way, the air inside the tent can be freed from germs and new germ growth can be prevented.

The negative pressure tent is presented to the users in the transport trailer together with all these featured devices.

In this way, it provides the opportunity to be carried easily with any device and apparatus by connecting to the back of a vehicle at the desired location.

Negative Pressure Tent Optional Features:

In addition to the above-mentioned features, in case of a request from the users, the air conditioning system can be added from systems such as personnel dressing and dressing area, shower area by adding additional space.