Isolation Tent (On Stocks)


Isolation Tent (On Stocks)

Isolation tent (Medical tent) is designed to provide health solutions to the patients who are estimated to be infected by the coronavirus before entering the hospital. The primary purpose is to prevent medical employees that are operating in the hospitals being infected. Isolation medical tent can be quickly and effortlessly installed in the hospital gardens or large areas. Moreover, it can be used as an independent intensive care unit if requested. It is possible to integrate isolation tent to 20Ft hospital container. Also, the expandable option of a 20 ft hospital tent is available.

Features of the Isolation Tent:

  • The total usage area is 52 or 62-meter square
  • Single airlock entrance
  • Pumped out
  • Supported by metal karkas system if requested
  • Establishing within 15 minutes
  • Inner and outer tent surface made of antibacterial fabric (PVC-coated polyester fabric on both sides fireproofed in mass.)
  • The fabric is resistant to rain, mud, and several other external conditions
  • The whole surfaces are antibacterial and antistatic
  • 220V electric system
  • 5 kVA diesel generator
  • Portable air-conditioner and diesel heater
  • Medical gases
  • Portable led lighting system
  • Ultraviolet air sterilization
  • Reverse osmoses water purification system (additional UV)
  • 100-liter clean 100-liter dirty water tank
  • 10 portable patient bed
  • An air conditioner integrated with Hepa filter system
  • A power unit integrated with generator and mains electricity
  • An independent compressor
  • Make vacuum suction with the internal oxygen system
  • Oxygen gas output on each patient bed
  • Intense care ventilation device (optional)
  • Carrying trailer with wheels (optional)
  • Negative pressure device (optional)

Negative Pressure Device (anti-pressure device) designed for the purpose of using in the quarantine spaces. It provides air exchange 10-12 times per hour in quarantine rooms. According to the fact, the volume that will be provided by negative pressure is around 100 m3. Moreover, the capacity of the negative pressure device can be altered according to the tent size. The required amount of pressure in the standard applications is about 20 Pa.

It operates with three component filtration system containing two prefilters and a Hepa filter

  • Hepa Filter H13 / H14

Capacity (with filter) : 1.000 m3/h

Connection : 220 V

Working capacity of the device when its filters on it : 8.00 m3/h

HEPA filters are used in the negative pressure isolation tent system. In addition to HEPA filters, 1 or 2 prefilters are located.

Particle capture efficiency of HEPA filters is averagely 99,975%. HEPA filters have the ability to hold particles of 0.3 microns in size.

The HEPA filters preferred by AmbulanceMed is in H13 / H14 type and compatible with EN 1822 standards.

Prefilters belong to EU1 or EU4 type.

  • Decontamination shower (Optional)

It is possible to integrate an isolation tent system with a decontamination shower system.

The outer lining used for the tent has an airlock. Gratitude to the optional additional pressure system, an environment without toxic elements is provided.

A healthy space is provided for healthcare professionals working in the decontamination tent in order to make them operate without being infected.

The four nozzles in the decontamination shower contain a grill on its ground and waterproof canvas.

The air in the decontamination tent can be kept constant with an independent compressor.

Closed containers for clean and dirty water, an additional pump for obtaining or evacuating the water, and a water heater are placed.

Delivery time: 5 Units (52-62 square meter) is ready for shipment

Delivery term: Exworks / Ankara Turkey

Payment terms : LC or %30- %70

Transporation type: available for air cargo or ship





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