Standard Ambulance Main Stretcher

Main Strecher: The pipes used in the main skeleton of the stretcher manufactured from aluminum 61 (AA 6351) or another material. It is equal to it or Cr-Ni stainless material providing an antibacterial feature. It is manufactured as being agreeable according to the EN 1865 and EN 1789 standards.

Main Strecher Features

The Main Strecher has the capability of carrying 160 kilograms patient in maximum. In fact, it is tested with 250 kilograms of burden.

The weight of the stretcher is 38 kilograms (without mattress and belt) at the furthest. The main stretcher of the ambulance was produced from tempered aluminum pipes. With a special alloy and a changeable injection molding. In addition, it can be manufactured as being colored or anodized with the intended color by making the electrostatic application of powdered paint. The backrest part can be arranged with a mechanic or hydraulic system with various stages. Also, it is located railings on both sides of the top of the main body belonging to the stretcher.

The head part and the upper body part is entirely covered with ABS or rigid material that alloyed with aluminum in order to enable making CPR application. 3 simple stretcher belt and a shoulder belt attached to the stretcher in order to keep the patient safe. The stretcher has 4 wheels contacting the ground after it is opened. 2 of them, placed on the head part, are donated as being lockable and the others are produced as being rotatable about 360 degrees. The wheels have at least 2mms diameter.

The stretcher can be mounted on a movable platform based on the ground if requested. The stretcher has a configurable serum hanger, an arm support wood, and a cushion. With press printing in order to provide comfort to the patient and the health employee. The stretcher can be loaded and downloaded by one person easily from the ambulance provided that there is a patient on the stretcher or not. The colors of the stretcher manufactured uniquely depending on the requests. This stretcher is more useful compared with others in terms of lightness. The railings and the seatbelts located on both sides of the stretcher prevent the patient from sliding and keep him/her constant. The components can be shifted in case breaking down or getting damaged.

Main Stretcher

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