MAN Emergency Ambulance Ambulacemed EOW is a type of ambulance based on the chassis that represents all the established standards of the WAS brand in our structure. It has excellent equipment built by combining excellent use of space with the highest requirements for security and technology. It is easily accessible from the external storage compartment thanks to the rescue equipment and transport seat found in our man Emergency Ambulance. In our Ambulance we have also a bag cabinet also offers customers the possibility to remove two emergency bags or backpacks from outside the vehicle. Ergonomics and safety are also considered in every detail of the interior. The patient compartment offers optimal sanitary working conditions and sufficient space provided for a comfortable treatment of the patient. In our MAN Emergency Ambulance, lighting and special warning system are also designed in an energy efficient way. The new was Design warning system is available, allowing patients and healthcare workers to reach more safely thanks to better visibility from the front and side. Teherewithal our ambulance  provide door assistance with optional support systems creates a great effect to help load a lot and facilitate the daily work of mobile emergency service personnel with Intelligent Control.

The Exterior features of our man Emergency Aid Ambulance are as follows:

LED work lights

Special front and rear LED warning system was new design

Led flashers integrated into side view mirrors

Junction lights

Warning system integrated into buffers

2×2 compressed air horn siren mounted under bumpers, with special snow covers

LED rear warning system

LED lighting on driver and co-driver doors

Back lights in LED technology

Rear view camera on rear console

360° Eagle Eye View Camera

The outer and inner panel on the box body are made of aluminum with polyester coating.

The Interior features of our MAN Emergency Ambulance are indicated below as follows:

For all traditional roll-in stretcher systems, multi-load assistance allows for movement assistance.

Hydraulic ambulance table type Hydropuls makes it easy to carry healthcare workers and patients with care due to its comfort.

The medicine pull-out cabinet is upholstered with two-piece, heavy-duty drawers.

The medicine cabinet next to the medicine drawer cabinet is covered.

There are 2 drawer compartments with four drawers on the partition wall.

Two emergency bags or bag cabinets for backpacks are placed above the storage compartment with an October shelf.

The work surfaces are mounted in the form of a bathtub with a stainless steel coating.

There is a roof storage compartment above the partition window with integrated LED lighting.

Access hatch compartment for oxygen tubes is available.

All entrance doors and partition doors with stainless steel protection cover are used with robust and technological devices.

The storage compartment above the oxygen cylinder compartment is lined with double-hinged doors and secured by a hatch latch.

There are 2 LED medical spot lights in the ceiling Center.

It features 2 duty seats with integrated three-point seatbelts mounted on fully coated wheel slots.

It is configured with LED indoor lighting system with emergency light and integrated blue trauma light.

Automatic climate control is provided for AC system and auxiliary heating.

Oxygen outlets 12V outlets 230 V outlets in our man Emergency Aid Ambulance have a good innovative supply with power supply during transportation.

At the same time, we can consider that our man Emergency Ambulance, located in Ambulancemed EOW, has a preferred equipment with its high technological capacity and production due to the conditions of use in many countries due to some important features.

A few of these features are mentioned below:

Providing door assistance for all doors and partition doors

Having an ambulance desk with was Multi-Load Assist

Be furnished with new generation furniture with large round edges

Finding aluminum feed channel

Ensuring climate control.

Technical specifications of our MAN Emergency Ambulance:

Model Emergency Ambulance Type C

Inner dimensions length: 3590 mm

Width: 2080 mm

Height: 1975 mm

Doors side sliding door on the right, 1200 mm wide, sliding windows are available.

The rear has double hinged doors.

The left side has a rear access compartment, compartments for oxygen tanks and rescue vehicles.

Right side, chair, spine board, bucket stretcher, etc.there is an extra large rear access compartment for carrying.

It has a roof spoiler above the driver’s cab with an optically extended windshield.

It has Box body connected directly to driver’s cab.

It has a left side panel with Windows.

MAN Emergency Ambulance

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