Mercedes Ambulance – The Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulances

The Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulances are completely harmonious with EN1789 ambulance standards. Technical and medical materials, used in the ambulance, are compatible with 10G (crash test) certificate. Seats, platforms of the stretcher, stretchers, and medical device tools, which will be assembled, is proper En1789 ambulance standards. Mercedes ambulance is manufactured as being proper for the ministry of health specification.

Mercedes emergency Ambulance is manufactured with the left side, the right side, and the ceiling with Abs covering.

Electric Installation

The whole electric installation which is used in designing and equipping the ambulance. Medical devices, ambulance connection mounting elements is manufactured as being appropriate with EN 1789+A2 standard.

Mercedes sprinter ambulances and the ambulance equipment are the most recently produced. They have never been used before compared with their segments.

The emergency ambulance works as a whole in harmony with the equipment and accessory that it contains.

The whole electric system, which is used in the ambulance, can be accessible from the patient’s and driver’s compartment. All the insurances, indicators, and the control boards are assembled as easily attainable for maintenance. External containers of ambulance’s top lamp, the electronic devices, the medical devices. The connections are not only being resistant to corrosion but also waterproof.

Mercedes Ambulance Installation Materials

The installation materials used in the ambulance are appropriate for ISO 1435 or ISO 6722-1 standard and equivalent international standards. Abs covering material which is used in the ambulance is fireproof.

Mercedes ambulance electric installation, electric equipment in transformation and the electric chukker which belongs to the accessories have a special installation. That has a different color from the chukkers in the ambulance electric system.

The materials are isolated with a thermoplastic covering. It is proper for the use of Mercedes ambulance and have the durability to a high amount of heat.

Electric cable connectors and sockets, external 220v electric system, Inverter and Redresor devices in the ambulance is manufactured as being appropriate to EN ISO 8092-1, EN ISO 8092-3, EN ISO 8092-4, and its installation are made to the ambulance.

There is a rectifier, which has 15 Ah capacity, and 220V input socket which is sheltered from water and powder in the left part in vehicle general which give to Mercedes ambulance vehicle to required battery charge while it doesn’t work or it is in the resting times.

Technical and Medical Equipment in Mercedes Ambulance

There are headlamps that work with led on the back and front ceilings providing that looking from outside. These lamps can be controlled from the vehicle driver’s cabin; moreover, they have a feature of voiced warning. The back projector, which is based in the headlamp, is able to light the ambulance’s main stretcher as long as the ambulance’s door has been opened.

Mercedes Ambulance patient compartment is wide enough to enable transporting and making a medical intervention to two patients at the same time while the one is lying and the other one is sitting.

the ambulance’s external measures will have the original catalog features which are presented by the manufacturer. There won’t be any alteration on the external measures after coming out of the factory. There is no alteration on the vehicle’s side and polymids

-Mercedes Ambulance Cabin Lighting

There are 4 led lamps and 2 spot lamps whose control have been made from the vehicle driver’s cabin in order to light the cabin.

Cabin lighting is fulfilled with a control panel which is located in the vehicle cabinet.

-Ambulance Digital Electric Panel

The whole system in the vehicle is controlled with a panel located in the patient cabin, across the sliding door. This panel can be not only digital but also touching.

-Ambulance Heater

There is a heater working with a diesel motor or an aqueous system in the patient cabin in order to heat the exterior. There is a door that can be opened among the left and the right side on the right part of the Mercedes ambulance compartment in order to enable to bring up and down a patient. Also, there are grip bars on the back doors and left the side of the sliding door in order to facilitate to get into the ambulance.

The floor covering of the ambulance is formed as a single piece. It is skidproof. It can be easily cleaned and washed with water. It is antibacterial. It has a high resistant against combustion and structural chemicals.

-Outdoor Lighting of the Ambulance

There is outdoor lighting that works

simultaneously with 6 blue and red ambulance headlamp on the outside of the ambulance.

-Cupboard System of the Mercedes Ambulance

It is used PVC coating based on foamboard material in the Mercedes ambulance cabinets and the cabinet systems. Ambulance cupboard covers can be manufactured as orange, blue, or white. The materials used in the covers are antibacterial. It is used foamboard material which has a 17mm thickness in the cupboard covers. Foamboard material is manufactured as 1.1k/m3 intensity. The materials are compatible with 95/28/EC standards, which are non-flammability.

Ambulance coverings are manufactured as one piece. Materials used in the ambulance have ABS principles; in addition, they are antibacterial and fireproof. They can be easily washed. Covering material is manufactured as compatible with EN1789 norms.

-Air Conditioning of the Mercedes Ambulance

The ambulance has a split air conditioning in order to cool the patient cabinet. Fuel consumption is less than one liter in an hour.  Its weight is less than 10 kilograms. Air conditioning of the ambulance is used in different capacities depending on the geographical regions.

-Stretcher Platform of the Mercedes Ambulance

In the middle of the ambulance patient cabinet, there is an ambulance stretcher platform, produced with stainless steel, located in order to facilitate movements of the stretcher. This platform is able to carry a patient whose weight is at least 250 kilograms. Also, it has 10g crash test certificate, which is compatible with 1789 standards.

-Mercedes Ambulance Main Stretcher

Ambulance stretcher, manufactured from stainless ethyl 61(AA 6351) material, is mounted on the ambulance platform. The ambulance stretcher is produced compatible with En1789 and En1865 norms. There are 4 stretcher wheels, which have a 15cm or 20cm diameter, on the ambulance stretcher. It is provided to make CPR application on the main stretcher.

-Mercedes Ambulance Defibrillator Device

It is mounted at the top of the main stretcher in the ambulance. It has features of EKG, SPO2. Moreover, it is at least 250 joules. A patient’s condition can be traced from a monitor.

-Mercedes Ambulance Ventilator Device

It is mounted beside the main stretcher in the ambulance. It works with the ambulance oxygen system. It has 2 hours average use time provided full battery. Also, it can be used with a portable oxygen tube out of the ambulance. The device works with a built-in battery. Battery’s lifetime is an average of 2 years.

-Mercedes Emergency Ambulance Medical Materials

The materials, which will be mentioned in the following sentence, located in the patient cabinet, are used for contributing to the emergency intervention.

>emergency birth set

>emergency burn set

>rescue vest

>ambulance chair stretcher

>oxygen system

>vacuum aspirator

>ambu set

-Mercedes Ambulance Patient Cabinet Seats

There are 2 staff seats, which are compatible with en1789 norms, in the patient compartment. Seats look through the cruising direction while the ambulance is in motion. Seats have a safety belt with 3 points. Also, they can lie to back at most 160 degrees.

The ambulance cabinet’s internal surfaces are rounded in order to prevent possible accidents while the ambulance in motion.

-Mercedes Ambulance Oxygen System

There are two oxygen tubes produced 2×10 aluminum in the ambulance. These tubes are located on the left side provided that looking to the vehicle from the left-back door.

There is a sequential system valve that allows the use of the oxygen system. Oxygen tubes are produced compatible with EN 7866 standards. There are two oxygen sockets in the ambulance cabinet in order to give an oxygen output. There are flowmeter, moisturizer, and oxygen suction jar on the sockets.


Ambulance Vehıcle Technıcal Detaıls

Brand Name:Mercedes SprinterPlace of Origin:Germany
Transmission Type:ManuelColor:White
Condition:2022/23Engine Type:Diesel
Emission Standard:EURO 5Certificate:ISO 9001:2000 / EN 13485 – EN 1865
Length (m):6 meterType:Left Hand Drive
Seating:1 + 1Tyre size :235 /65 R 16

Emergency Ambulance Technıcal Equıpment Lıst

Front beacon lamp with LEDTurkeyECR-651
Back beacon lamp with  LED + projectorTurkeyECR-651
Siren Announce Device   (5 stage)TurkeyECR-651
Side warning lights with LED 12 voltTurkeyECR-656
Patient’s Cabin Lighting (LED)TurkeyCE2
Patient’s Cabin Lighting (Spot LED)HollandCE2
Air ConditionTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Electrical SystemTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Digital Control PanelTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
RectifierTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Rectifier CableTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
SocketTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Inverter 1000WTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Outlet 220VTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Fuse Circuit BreakerTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Led LightingTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Stretcher SpotlightTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Electronic Siren and Light BarTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Back Top LightbarTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Side Warnings LampsTurkeyCE / ISO 90011

Emergency Ambulance Medıcal Equıpment Lıst

Ambulance Main StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Chair StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Scoop StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Spine board StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Air Split SetGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Cervical CollerGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Birth SetGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Burn SetGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Portable Suction SetGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Defibrillator AEDGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Transportation VentilatorGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Reanimation SetGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Fixed SpyhgGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Portable SpyhgGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance StethoscopeGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Corpse BagTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Basic Medical Equipment BagGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen and Vacuum SystemsTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen Cylinder 10Ltx2TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen OutletTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen Regulator & FlowmeterTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011

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Quantity(Units)1 – 11 – 101 – 100
Est. Time(days)6090270
Approximately Delivery Time
Middle East Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 1-4 Weeks)
North Africa Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 2-4 Weeks)
Sub-Saharan African Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 3-8 Weeks)
East European Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 1-2 Weeks)
West European Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 2-3 Weeks)
Latin Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 6-10 Weeks)
Asian Countries Approximately Delivery Time:( 6-12 Weeks)
Approximately Transportation Cost:
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Sub-Saharan African Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 3000-5000 Usd)
East European Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 3000-4000 Usd)
West European Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 2000-4000 Usd)
Latin Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 4000-6000 Usd)
Asian Countries Approximately Transportation Cost:( 4000-6000 Usd)
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