The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance( I ) was designed to provide more interior space for the rescued patient. Doctors frequently require a large amount of space to treat their patients. The box is assembled on a Mercedes chassis and it is made up of lightweight polyurethane panels with high strength and great insulation, which successfully minimizes heat, cold, and noise transfer.


Mercedes Box Type Ambulance

The framework of the box is constructed of ST-37 steel profiles which are welded precisely and securely to the car’s chassis, ensuring that any future disassembly and repair may be done easily and without problems. Stone-wool insulating material is inserted into the framework gaps to effectively protect its interior against external heat, cold, and noise transmission from the ground, consequently keeping a steady and comfortable interior temperature.

The cabinets and drawers in the internal areas are made of Vekaplan S free-foam material, which is highlighted for its exceptional lightweight qualities and excellent durability. This careful material selection was done with the primary goal of lowering the weight of the box with the objective to ensure that it has no affect on the vehicle’s acceleration. As a way to improve the overall aesthetics and practicality of the cabinets, polymer glass panels have been featured into the design.

The flooring is coated with epoxy, a durable, antibacterial material that provides a smooth, polished, and quickly cleanable surface with no humidity retention. Since it is very resistant to cracking and chipping, epoxy endures longer ordinary flooring systems in terms of life expectancy.


AmbulanceMed – Mercedes Box Type Ambulance



EOW (Emergency on Wheels) Mercedes Box Type 1 Ambulance. This ambulance is built on a Mercedes Sprinter van chassis and provides a comfortable and well-equipped atmosphere for medical teams as well as easy transportation for patients. This advanced Mercedes emergency vehicle offers engineering excellence with the particular demands of the medical sector, providing exceptional patient care in emergencies.

This Type 1 ambulance is designed by prominent Mercedes ambulance manufacturers. It meets the highest standards in the sector with its features. The design of the patient section gives space for medical equipment and supplies, which makes it easy for medical staff to access during emergencies. The high roof and length improve its mobility and adaptability, enabling transportation through cities or difficult areas.

Everything is carefully inspected inside the Mercedes Box Type 1 Ambulance. The structure provides efficient operations during crucial times, while storage sectors enable rapid access to essential equipment..

Safety is our priority, so this Mercedes type 1 ambulance is equipped with advanced technologies, medical monitoring systems, communication tools, and accurate mapping systems that enable medical staff to provide the ultimate level of care in critical conditions.

Our Mercedes Box Type 1 Ambulance is an emergency vehicle that meets European Union ambulance and medical vehicle standards. We supply ambulances around the world, including Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The Mercedes Box Type 1 Ambulance is the ideal partner in emergency healthcare. Experience the best in healthcare transportation with this vehicle, designed to save lives and meet ambulance design requirements.



  1. Main Stretcher
  2. Stretcher Lock System
  3. Stretcher Front Holder
  4. Stretcher Belt
  5. Stretcher Mattress Pressed Type
  6. Stretcher Bottom Metal Panel


  1. Oxygen System Fittings & Tubes Set
  2. Oxygen Cylinders (10 lt)
  3. Oxygen Socket
  4. Oxygen Pressure Regulator
  5. Oxygen Flowmeter
  6. Humidifier Jar
  7. Vacuum Tromp
  8. Vacuum Jar
  9. Vacuum Tube
  10. Pressure Reducer



  1. V. Holder
  2. Portable Vacuum Aspirator
  3. Wall Type Sphygmomanometer
  4. Portable Type Sphygmomanometer
  5. Stethoscope
  6. Diagnostic Set
  7. Air Splint Set
  8. Traction Splint Set
  9. Cervical Collar Set (Nec Loc)
  10. Head Immobilizer
  11. Body Splint (KED)
  12. Birth Set
  13. Burn Set
  14. Corpse Bag



  1. first aid kit
  2. bandage packet large
  3. triangular bandage ,standard white
  4. compress single
  5. adhesive tape-plast 5 m *2,5 cm
  6. gauze compress single sterile
  7. forceps,stainless surgical 14 cm
  8. forceps,stainless anatomical, 14 cm
  9. bandage scissors stainless straight 14 cm
  10. ws-fixation bandage elastic
  11. universal bandage
  12. pean-clamp op 14 cm
  13. foley baloon catheter no: 8
  14. foley baloon catheter no: 12
  15. foley baloon catheter no: 16
  16. foley baloon catheter no: 18
  17. tourniquet auto
  18. bistoury handle no.3
  19. cut down catheter no:1.4
  20. cut down catheter no: 1.6
  21. cut down catheter no: 2.2


complete emergency kit

  1. bandage packet export, large
  2. tri̇angular bandages,standard white
  3. tape-plast
  4. oxygen masks – adult
  5. oxygen masks – child
  6. nasal canulla -adult
  7. nasal canulla – child
  8. injectors 10 cc
  9. injectors 2-5 cc
  10. injector 16-18-20-22 cc
  11. portequ 14 cm
  12. airway (2,3,4,5)
  13. fi̇xati̇on bandage elasti̇k
  14. uni̇versal bandage
  15. pean-clamp op 14 cm
  16. balloon catheter 16
  17. balloon catheter 18
Mercedes Box Type Ambulance

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