Mercedes Patient Transfer Type Ambulance

The ambulances’ tires are proper for common road type. Moreover, they can lead the ambulance while it is loaded wholly.

Mercedes Patient Transfer Type Ambulance

Mercedes patient transfer ambulance is used in order to reach a patient one place to another. It is different from the emergency ambulance just in terms of equipment that it has. The patient transfer ambulance also can be implemented on other ambulance models such as VW. Citroen, Ducato, GMC.

There are ambulance main stretcher, transport stretcher, and medical equipment in the patient compartment.

Mercedes patient transfer ambulance is the latest manufactured model among its’ type.

The whole components belonging to the system work in sync with each other.

The ambulance body is formed as one piece. It has a minimum noise level. In fact, it is tested in terms of vibration after manufacturing.

Patient Transfer Ambulance Specifications

Mercedes patient transfer ambulances’ maximum transport capacity is average 1000 kilograms. The ambulance is able to carry 6 people in total which are 2 staff and 1 patient seat in the patient cabin and 1 driver and 2 companion seats in the driver cabin.

Mercedes ambulances’ engine has 4 cylinders; in addition, it has at least 150 hp motor power and a euro 5 motor feature.

The engine used in the ambulance has superior diesel technology. There is no loss of output in the engine while the ambulance’s air-conditioners are running.

The ambulances’ exhaust outlet is installed in order not enable gas to enter into the vehicle. It can be seen on the left side providing that looked the vehicle from the back.

The ambulances’ gearbox can be manufactured as two types: manual gear 5+1 or automatic gear 6+1.

There are brake system which prevents locking, anti-skid system, and external immobilizer in the Mercedes ambulance.

There is an axle system in order to carry the patient smoothly while the ambulance is in motion. The ambulances’ steering wheel is a hydraulic type.

The ambulances’ tires are proper for common road type. Moreover, they can lead the ambulance while it is loaded wholly.

One spare tire, placed under the car that can be effortlessly attained, is given with each ambulance.

There are two towlines located in the vehicle

It is installed bumper protection plastics on the vehicles’ front and back in order to prevent the ambulance against crashes and accidents.

There is an ambulance platform ramp, manufactured from stainless steel, positioned in order to let the stretcher to be easily placed from the backside into the ambulance. The veneer pattern, which prevents slipping, will be constructed on the rear bumper.


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