Mobile Medical Container

Office desks, based in the waiting room, are equipped with essential medical and technical equipment in order to make pre-diagnose. There is a certain system with a lampshade on both sides of the waiting room in order to take advantage of the daylight efficiently.

Mobile Medical Container

Mobile Clinic

The clinic is designed for the patients who need care out of the hospital or the patients who don’t have any access to the hospital owing to living in rural areas. The clinic can be detailed as a tooth, ent, gynecology, mammography, mobile x-ray, mobile dental vehicle, or eye health, according to the needs of a customer.

The vehicle is agreeable with Africa and the Middle East climate and geologic conditions. The working range of the system is compatible with between -20 and +50 working conditions.

chassis of the clinic is produced from highly durable steel material. It is handled in a laser machine and welded with a gas welding while it is in the production process. The surface of the chassis is covered with polyurethane epoxy coating. Precautions are taken in order to prevent corrosion by using top coverings. The mobile clinic is harmonious with all types of roads.

Case of the Mobile Clinic

It has an average of 8 tons of transporting capacity. It was manufactured from a special composite material. The panels, used in the clinic, are light and they have high strength. The vacuum process is implemented while manufacturing the sandwich panels. cross-link attachment used in the mounting of case and trailer. All the connectors are covered with chemical resins in order to protect them against wear and corrosion. Reinforced aluminum frames are used on the external sides of the case in order to decrease the vibrations that result from strain while the vehicle is in motion.

Side panels of the mobile clinic are produced from XPS rigid foam which prevents moisture that may occur in the clinic. The case doesn’t transmit any water from outside to inside. In addition, possible points that water may pass are assisted with a plastic gasket.

The case is manufactured from 5 different components in total. These materials provide high-quality isolation and high durability. It is used glass reinforced polyester material on the external and internal surfaces of the panels.

The Floor Covering of the Patient Compartment

The floor is isolated with durable material. Marine plywood material which is nearly 20 mm is used on the top of the floor. It is mounted solidly without creating any spaces on the floor of the mobile clinic. The floor is manufactured completely hygienic. It could be washed easily; in fact, is it antibacterial. There are mounting elements which allow mounting technical materials easily, such as waste bins, cupboards, generator, generator fuel tank, water tank, technical room, on the mobile clinic chassis.

Parts of the Mobile Clinic

The toilet and waiting room is located in the front part. There is an office air conditioner that has a split feature and in 9000 BTU type. There is a sink in the toilet. This sink transmits clean dirty water, located in the technical room, to the toilet via using a booster.

The WC, having the feature of chemical WC, destroys wastes safely.

Office desks, based in the waiting room, are equipped with essential medical and technical equipment in order to make pre-diagnose. There is a certain system with a lampshade on both sides of the waiting room in order to take advantage of the daylight efficiently.

Examination room

It is located in the middle of the vehicle. It can be easily reached from the backside of the vehicle or by using a stair. By the time patients enter the clinic, first, they are examined and diagnosed in the waiting room; then, they can enter the examination room in case there is a need for. There is a led system, having a night mode feature, used in the internal lighting of the examination room. A doctor’s seat in that room is designed properly for making a gynecological examination and also it is ergonomic. There are enough cupboards, manufactured from stainless steel, for medical waste boxes, medical devices, and medicines in the examination room.

This room can be designed as an Xray room in case it is asked for. The external case of the vehicle can be covered with a bullet in order to prevent radiation. Also, there is a facility for mounting an additional radiation ventilation system to the top and bottom. The 2mm bullet covering, used for Xray, can be mounted into the sandwich panels.

The Ventilation System

The air conditioning units, used in the clinic, are designed specially. The unique strengthening was made in the areas where the air-conditioning system passes. There are split office type air conditioners that have 9000 btu features in the office and examination areas. These air conditioners work with an explicit external 220v or additional generator, put in the mobile clinic. The conditioners are able to heat and cool.

the telecommunications system of the mobile clinic

Followings could be installed to the clinic:

-4G communication system

-a closed-circuit camera recording and monitoring system

-2 32 inches led tv

-fire and thief alarm

-a vehicle satellite tracking system

-an outdoor camera recording system

-wifi system

Hydraulic Fixing System

There is a hydraulic stabilizer was united under the vehicle at the time that the vehicle isn’t in motion. There are 4

stabilization support pillars in total that prevent vibration and ensure the base of the clinic remains firm.

Generator System

It is used a 5 kW generator, which can be diesel or gasoline, in the clinic. It is located in the front part of the vehicle. A platform can be made in order to enable the generator to work out of the ambulance in case there is a for. The generator has a low sound level; moreover, it is easy to make maintenance to it. There is a servo regulator in order to organize the flow.

Mobile Clinic Entering and Exiting the Clinic

There is a compact landing ramp, having railings, on the back entering part of the vehicle. This ramp is based on nearly 90cm height. There is an air curtain located on the back inlet in order to keep stable the airflow in the clinic. The whole materials, used in the clinic, are hygienic and antibacterial.

Mobile Clinic Medical Supplies

There are an internal oxygen and nitrogen tube in the technical room of the clinic. This room can be only entered bypassing a door with a password. There are a patient head monitor and AED type defibrillator device, based next to the monitor, in the examination room. It allows taking EKG from the patient. There are gas outlet inputs for oxygen and nitrogen on the right wall. the Mobile clinic enables making simple operations. The patient examination seat is proper for making a gynecological examination. A mobile ultrasound device can be included in the system in case it is asked for.

There are resuscitation and basic medical bags in the examination room; on the other hand, blood pressure, height, weight measuring devices are located in the preliminary diagnosis room.

There is a patient carrying a stretcher in the examination room. In fact, this stretcher can be transported by lift, based in the back of the vehicle, into the mobile clinic easily. Moreover, it can be used with a chair stretcher easily.



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