Mobile Dental Clinic For Sale | AmbulanceMed is in high demand from South American countries with its mobile dental clinic that is developed for the on-site solution of dental disorders. With the Mobile Dental Clinic, it is aimed to provide on-site diagnosis and treatment of patients and to raise awareness about dental health.

Mobile Dental Clinic, which we produce as AmbulanceMed, consists of two parts. Section 1 consists of the area where the dental chair and the treatment tools can be stored. The second part is the section where the X-ray device is located.

In the treatment section, which is part one, the following materials are found;

Dental Chair:

The seats used here have the characteristics of the standard dental chair. In the dental chair, there are patient lighting, a work table with materials necessary for dental treatment, saliva collection containers, and compressors necessary for the operation of the devices.

This seat can be produced in different brands, models, and features according to user requests. The working area consists of various drawers and cabinets, a watertight cabinet top workbench, an autoclave device for cleaning dental instruments and devices, a split air conditioner, interior lights, a sink, 220 Volt, and 12 Volt electrical sockets, turbo ventilation, chair, and table for staff.

In the second section, the X-ray room is simply the following materials;

Our mobile dental clinic vehicle with images has a panoramic X-ray device placed at the request of the user. Again, devices of all brands, models, and features can be installed according to the request of the user. This section is also covered with lead in order to prevent radiation from spreading. It also has interior lighting and 220 Volt electrical outlets.

The case of our Mobile Dental Clinic vehicle is made of polyurethane material. Our vehicle preference is a chassis vehicle with a minimum carrying capacity of 7 tons.

In addition, the lower storage part of the case is used for the clean-waste water tanks of the sink, a portable ladder for patient entrances and exits, and the generator with sufficient power to meet the electricity requirement.

The ceiling and side panels inside the Mobile Dental Clinic are ABS coated and the floor is epoxy coated on 18 mm marine plywood. Cabinets and drawers are made of foam board material.

Electrical installation is a color-coded system in accordance with European Standards. | Ambulancemed

Mobile Dental Clinic For Sale

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