Mobile General Inspection Vehicle, we designed the Mobile Examination Vehicle for general examination and patient record creation.

With the Mobile General Inspection Vehicle, operations such as general examination screening and registration of people living in rural areas or migrant camps are carried out.

Thanks to this, health records and general examinations of patients who are away from general health services or not registered will be made.

The Mobile Examination Vehicle ( Mobile General Inspection Vehicle ) is built on a chassis vehicle. Propitiously, 7 tons of transportation capacity chassis vehicles are preferred.

As AmbulanceMed, the vehicle we are working on is the Daily Model vehicles with the IVECO brand. According to the requests of the users. Studies can be made on all brands and models of vehicles with suitable capacity. Durable products developed with polyurethane material are used in the body of the vehicle. According to the request of the user, the desired text, strip, and logo can be applied outside the vehicle.

There are 2 sections in our Mobile General Examination vehicle.

Part 1: There is a seating area for 3 people, a table for staff to register and two chairs for waiting for patients to be examined or registered, and a section where patients can be examined on an outpatient basis. In this area, there are 12 V and 220 V electrical output sockets and data outlets for computers. In addition, interior lighting is provided with LED-type fluorescents.

Part 2: The dressing cabin for the personnel consists of an area reserved for the personnel, where there is an optional refrigerator, workbenches, and overhead cabinets. The lighting of this area is also made with LED type fluorescents and 12 V 220 V electrical outlets are also available.

Sidewalls and ceiling coverings inside the Mobile General Examination vehicle are made of ABS material. Cabinets and workbenches are made of foam board material. The floor covering is epoxy.

All designs seen in the IVECO Daily Mobile General Examination vehicle, which we make as AmbulanceMed, can be changed and different sections or systems can be made according to user requests.

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