Mobile Gynecology Clinic

It is feasible to provide electricity to the vehicle by using 220v cable that came from outside while the vehicle is not in motion.

Mobile Gynecology Clinic

Mobile Gynecology Clinic

Mobile Gynecology Clinic could be mounted on a van or trailer.

It was designed in order to make gynecological examine or make outpatient treatment to patients who live in rural areas and have limited access to the hospital.

The Mobile Gynecology Clinic Consists of Three Parts.

There is an input area looked from the backside of the vehicle that has a space covered with a thick curtain inside it in order to enable patients to dress up and undress.

A gynecological examination table, which is a full-function, is placed smoothly in the middle of the vehicle. In fact, that table allows making urologic and minor surgical operations.

-The backrests of the table can be arranged in terms of its height by an electric motor.

-A hand control located in the patient cabinet for the gynecological table.

-It has a shock absorber mechanism

-Can be taken the position of Trendelenburg

-Covered with a particular substance


-Easily cleaned

-Consist of back, foot and seat part

-All the components are modular and can be disassembled at any time

-Contains foot and arm support elements in order to facilitate the examination

-A waste cuvette is based under the desk

-A doctors’ seat, which has rotary type ground, is located on the left side of the desk

It is placed that a drug preparation bench, made from PVC antibacterial substance, near the intermediate partition of the vehicle. Moreover, there is a cabinet system on the upper side of the bench in order to store medicines and needles.

The floor of the gynecological examination ambulance was covered with an epoxy material that can be cleaned easily.

The ceiling is lighted with 4 LEDs and 2 spot lamps.

There are two 220v output sockets in the vehicle for the devices working with 220v. It enables the devices that 2000w in total to work.

It is mounted that the mobile ultrasound device into the vehicle on the condition that asked for.

It is feasible to provide electricity to the vehicle by using 220v cable that came from outside while the vehicle is not in motion.

A 3kw silent gasoline type generator, which has a minimum level of smoke emission, can be mounted on the next to the right door in case asked for.

There are sphygmomanometer and birth control sets placed in the vehicle; in addition, blood test equipment can be provided if requested.



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