Mobile Mammography Vehicle

Mobile mammography vehicle utilized in order to determine the breast cancer disease.

The vehicle arose from a lorry or van.

A vibrationless environment provided to the vehicle in order to let it operate excellently. In fact, a vibrationless environment is essential for the purpose of making use of the x-ray apparatus efficiently.

4 post holders, operating as hydraulic, located on the wheels of the vehicle.

The systems based in the vehicle have great resistance against environmental temperature and variations.

The heat and sound insulation are created during the manufacturing process.

An air-conditioning unit that climates the vehicle placed in the technical room. The vehicle has a specific thermostat system for the purpose of keeping the air inside itself on the room temperature. Exhaust registers with a split feature located in each room.

Imaging systems of the mobile mammography vehicle immobilized in the vehicle accurately. They are protected against sudden accelerations and concussions while the vehicle is in motion by applying mechanisms with lock systems.


> reception and entering part

> examination and waiting area

> mammography x-ray area

what the equipment placed in the vehicle are: generator with diesel or gasoline, controlling room, UPS additional power units, clean-dirty water tanks, air pressure tank

A door with a lock placed between the entering room and examination room. The communication between these two carried out via a video telephone.

Reception part

> A desk and a computer for enregistering the patients; a sitting set for the patients to wait placed in this part.

The examination room

> Located next to the reception part.

> It possesses an area with curtains for the patients to undress, a desk for the doctor, and a computer.

Mobile Mammography x-ray room

> The walls of the room coated with a bullet material.

> A snail type air conditioner placed in the ground and ceiling.

> A digital mammography monitoring system, protective monitor against radiation, heat and moisture recording system, cabinets with locks for storing the materials and medical supplies located in the room.

> A sink with hot and cold water placed in the room in order to wash the hands.

> The heat and the lighting of the room managed by a controlling board installed near to the doctor’s desk.

> The operator seat-based behind the protective glass.

Mobile Mammography Vehicle Mobile Mammography Vehicle

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