Mobile Maternity Clinic

This mobile clinic is formed by integrating ISUZU NPR truck and 20 ft container. It is equipped to be used for childbirth and gynecological examination.




4HK1 – Euro VI (OBD-C)

Type I

20ft Container/Isuzu





Number of Cylinders

4 cylinders



Mobile Maternity clinic is formed by integrating ISUZU NPR truck and 20 ft container. It is equipped to be used for childbirth and gynecological examination.

The clinic contains, a gynecological examination chair, an examination bed and step, bassinet, storage areas, cabinets and drawers, outside area, bench tap, examination lamp, crash card, air conditioning are located inside the clinic.

Apart from these, consumables required for obstetrics and examination are also placed in the clinic.

There is also a hot and cold water supply system, water treatment system, waste water tank, hydrophore, generator. Generator booster, water tanks are located at the bottom of the vehicle.

There is a 2 meter wide awning/canopy on one side of the vehicle.
The entrance of the clinic is made from the back and the automatic door with shutter system is made as an outer door. Apart from this, the inner door is the automatic operating room door with a card/password.

There is a hanger closet at the entrance and a computer desk with sockets next to it. Right next to it, there are counters and cabinets with drawers in the clinic.

Mobile Maternity Clinic

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