NISSAN Ambulance

The emergency ambulance of Nissan Urvan usually works with the help of a diesel engine and is automatic gear. Outside of the ambulance, there are 6 outdoor lighting lamps.

In the ambulance ceiling section, there is a flat-type led outdoor lighting and a cylindrical top light. The exterior lighting of the ambulance is preferred in red.

Outside of the ambulance, there is also an external 220V socket input cable.

NISSAN Ambulance

The vehicle is charged via this cable. While the vehicle is in motion, it is provided with a full sinus inverter device located behind the seat in the 220V electric drive section required for the medical devices inside.

There is a rectifier device beside the inverter device. Vehicle batteries are also charged through this device. There is also an additional battery under the Nissan ambulance driver’s cabin.

When the ambulance is not in motion, the necessary lighting and 12V electricity requirement for the cabin is provided with a spare battery without using the vehicle’s battery.

Side coverings and cabinet materials used inside the Nissan ambulance patient cabin are covered with non-flammable and non-combustible ABS plastic material.

When viewed from the back door, there is a medical equipment cabinet and companion seat on the right side. The companion ambulance seat is capable of tilting 180 degrees, the ground connection intermediate apparatus has been designed and installed in compliance with 10G crash test regulations and EN1789 norms.

There is a main stretcher in the Nissan ambulance. This stretcher is fixed on the ground. There is also a 3-point seat belt on the stretcher.

On the right side of the Nissan Ambulance, there are oxygen cabinets and medical equipment cabinets in the patient section.

There are 20 lt oxygen cabinets, oxygen blowing, and humidification systems in the ambulance. There are locks on the ambulance cabinet doors to prevent opening while the vehicle is in motion.

There is also a doctor’s seat in the intermediate compartment of the ambulance. The seat of the doctor’s seat is foldable and saves space when the patient’s stretcher is not used.

Ambulancia Nissan Urvan NISSAN Ambulance

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