Toyota Land cruiser 4×4 emergency type ambulance, right hand drive ambulance

  • It can be produced as an Ambulance diesel or gasoline engine. Right-hand drive ambulance traffic suitable for the model was selected. Land cruiser Right-hand drive ambulance is 2021 model. Land cruiser is a 4×4 model. Engine volume is 4.200 cc, it is manual transmission.
  • The Land cruiser ambulance has a complete cabinet system in the right side area when viewed from the back door. It has storage units that offer space suitable for medical devices. | right hand drive ambulance
  • As a medical device, there is a 6-channel defibrillator device. An image can be obtained through the monitor located on the defibrillator device, in which EKG pulse oximeter data can be obtained. Next to the defibrillator device, there is a ventilation device with a portable bag, the device has a bag and one 1 lt aluminum oxygen tube inside, the device can work in an ambulance for about two years without the need for energy from outside through a battery.
  • The Toyota RHD 4×4 ambulance has two 5 lt capacity oxygen systems. Oxygen tubes are positioned in the right side cabinet in the middle point. Pressure regulators are located on them. The Land cruiser 4×4 is seen through the rear door and the companion is located on the left side. There are suitable areas for one air splint and cat vest in the companion cabinet. there is a space on the ambulance companion cabinet that allows the installation of a spin board. The floor of the ambulance is covered with epoxy material and can be easily cleaned. The Land cruiser 4×4 ambulance has a special tropical air conditioning. It is especially ideal for countries with climate conditions, such as Kenya and Tanzania. |right hand drive ambulance