Scoop Stretcher

Scoop Stretcher is used to transfer injured to the carrier after an accident without being moved from place to place. Thanks to the wings, the patient can be placed in the main carrier without moving. Scoop Stretcher has necessary fastening, dissolving, and adjustment parts for the patient. It is very light and X-rays can pass through it.


Scoop Stretcher is used to transfer the traumatized injured person on the stretcher after the accident without moving them. Thanks to the wings that are separated from the middle, the dustpan can be taken from the place in the form of a stretcher and carried on the main stretcher without moving the patient. The quick attachment, release, and adjustment parts required for the inpatient, as well as the patient’s adjustable straps, are designed in a convenient way. It is lightweight and parts outside the stretcher frame can pass X-Ray rays.

Technical Data / Technical Specifications
Length (max.) / Lenght (max.) 207 cm (± 20)
Length (min.) / Lenght (min.) 167 cm (± 20)
Width (head) / Width (head) 32 cm (± 20)
Width (foot) / Width (head) 42 cm (± 20)
Height / Height 6 cm Weight / Weight 8 kg
Carrying Capacity 250 kg