Medical personnel who intervene with the ambulance
vacuum splint sets which are produced in various sizes are of great importance.
The vacuum splint set has X-ray transmissive properties. Alcohol, soapy water, and liquid detergent
such as cleaning materials. Special TPU material for friction, wear, and provides high tear resistance. The vacuum pump with the case
is delivered. The bag in the ambulance to the place where there is at least
one can be placed easily. Vacuum Splint is fixed to the patient very comfortably in the ambulance
main stretcher and right side that can lie up to 90 degrees.
personnel can be placed in the seat. Large size 108cm * 67cm, Medium size 74cm * 61cm,
Small size 54cm * 33cm in size and 3 different sizes. If required, also as a set of 4
manufacturing can be made in different sizes. Weight of vacuum splint set to max. 4.5 kg. The
International standards are also produced. CE and EN 1865 international certificates
It has. Since the vacuum splint sets are of various sizes, they serve as a baby vacuum stretcher.
lengths are also available. The fastening hooks in the vacuum splint sets are securely attached
helps the patient to be splinted.

Splint Kit Ambulance Splint Kit