Ambulance Stretcher Belt Set was produced with high-quality materials and presented to our users.

The ambulance stretcher belts, which are made of tear-resistant polyester columns with high-quality materials, thread, and stitches, are designed to fix the patient on the stretcher both longitudinally and laterally. The two-point and four-point ambulance main stretcher belts can be adjusted according to the patient’s height, chest, waist, and knee height. It has suitable gauges for adult and child use. The lock mechanisms of the ambulance’s main stretcher belts are designed not to unfold when carrying the patient. They can be effortlessly locked and unlocked by the ambulance health personnel by touching the button. Stretcher lock mechanisms are made of hard plastic material. The belt length is at least 150 cm; however, it can be produced longer if requested. Belt column widths are 5 cm.

It does not stain, and it can be wiped and cleaned very easily when it gets dirty (except lock and metal parts). The ambulance stretcher belt is produced in black color, but various color options are available depending on requests.

Belts are attached to both sides of the ambulance stretcher. Shoulder straps can also be attached to both sides and the stretcher’s head by avoiding to disturb the patient. They can be easily removed from the ambulance stretcher if desired.



Ambulance Main Stretcher Seat Belts Main Stretcher Belt

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