Toyota gasoline engine emergency type ambulance was produced as 2021 model. The vehicle was chosen as the high ceiling Hiace. In the patient’s cabin, medical personnel can move easily. Hiace ambulance has a complete ambulance cabinet system on the left side, ABS material is used in ambulance cabinets. It is coated with insulation on its outer surfaces, which can be orange or blue in color. Hiace ambulance cabinet doors use transparent glass, the spine board and scoop stretcher can be reached by means of a cover at the back of the ambulance cabinet.

Hiace emergency ambulance has one companion seat while looking at the right side of the back door. three people can easily sit in these seats. There are three three-point seatbelt systems on the ambulance companion seat. These arches allow people sitting on the ambulance companion seat to travel healthily. | TOYOTA HIACE EMERGENCY TYPE AMBULANCE

Hiace ambulance floor is covered with aluminium material. It can also be coated with antibacterial epoxy material. It was found that covering the Hiace ambulance floor with aluminium material was more common in Africa.

There is one ambulance main stretcher and one chair stretcher in the Hiace ambulance patient cabin. Chair stretcher allows one additional patient to be moved to an open position if desired and carried on the ambulance refectory seat.

There is an led type lighting system in the Toyota Hiace ambulance patient cabin that will provide adequate lighting. All electrical systems in the cabin can be made through one electrical panel system. In the dashboard there is an insurance system belonging to the ambulance electricity system. In addition, there is one additional spare battery under the passenger seat in the Hiace ambulance driver’s cabin. With this battery, the vehicle battery can be protected.

There is led type lighting and warning system outside the ambulance. Control of the system can be done inside the ambulance driver’s cabin. In addition, there is an additional microphone next to the warning lamp control system, there is air conditioning and heater in the patient’s cabin. Control of the devices can be done in the ambulance cabin and driver’s cabin. | TOYOTA HIACE EMERGENCY TYPE AMBULANCE