Toyota Hiace patient transport Ambulance is the most preferred product of the countries in Africa and the Middle East. Toyota Hiace patient transport Ambulance is preferred because it adapts to the harsh conditions of the African climate. In addition, Toyota Hiace ambulance is preferred on difficult African roads with its ergonomic structure and robustness.

Our Toyota Hiace patient transport Ambulance is designed in the most convenient and convenient way for patients and ambulance officers. Our customers ‘ requests for the purchase of ambulances with the appropriate budget have also been taken into account.

When designing the left side of the Toyota Hiace ambulance, sufficient use space for ambulance officers was taken into account, as well as special places were designed for easy access and use of medical devices. Our cabinets manufactured as storage space in Toyota Hiace patient transport Ambulance are manufactured as foam board.

Toyota Hiace can put bench or seat on the right side of the ambulance according to our customers ‘ preferences. The general preference of our customers is in the direction of the bench. Bench 3 provides an opportunity for people to sit comfortably or for a second non-heavy patient to be taken into the ambulance. In addition, it can be used as six storage areas of the BENC. Many medical equipment such as dustpan stretcher, spine board can be placed here.

Antibacterial, easy to clean epoxy was used on the base of our Toyota Hiace ambulance. The long service life of this material is extremely easy to maintain. Cleaning can be done with products such as alcohol if you want detergent water.