Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances

All units specially designed for the vehicle, which will include all necessary equipment and medical items and adequate storage cabinets.


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Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances

Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances  Series is a popular platform for ambulances in many countries. The Toyota LC 78 armored ambulance provides enough convenienceto meet the necessary changes for the conversion to an armored ambulancevehicle. This includes the strengthening of most medical equipment, as well as the installation of ballistic armoring. In addition, suspension, braking and tires are upgraded to improve the driving dynamics of the vehicle, despite the additional weight of the changes. With a powerful 4.5L V8 turbo diesel engine and available in both LHD and RHD configurations, this is a popular choice for an ambulance in many countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances Specifications

Multi-tone siren controlled by three different sound emitting drivers. LED light bars and warning lights. Antibacterial, washable, antistatic epoxy flooring in the patient cabinet. To the left of the patient cabin is a functional cabin system made of MDF or foam card material (according to customer preferences) There is a manga counter with armpit storage space on the right side of the patient cabin.

The lighting system consists of fluorescent and spot lamps, secondary air conditioning, additional battery, control panel, heater and internal communication are provided. In-car printing and labeling according to customer preference.

All units specially designed for the vehicle, which will include all necessary equipment and medical items and adequate storage cabinets. The material used will be an integrated composite that is easy to clean and hygiene friendly, ideal for use in a medical environment. The floor is covered with a clutch polyurethane vinyl coating for safety. A window will be installed between the rear and drive bay. The main stretcher with seat belts is mounted on the floor with a stretcher rail and locking system. Tubular aluminum construction provides durability and strength. This cot is set to the height level below. Adjustable backrest angle between 0° and 75° allows the patient to be positioned during transport. Two-patient restrictions ensure the maximum safety of the patient during transplantation. To adapt to additional electrical items, the vehicle will be fitted with a power inverter to distribute the increase in power load, plugs, emergency lighting, etc.




Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances Manufacturer

Toyota makes the vehicle but its equipment, materials and upholstery are manufactured by our company and placed under appropriate standards.




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