The Ambulance Vacuum Stretcher

The vacuum stretcher is designed according to the ambulances and manufactured from thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) which is extremely light and has high resistance against friction and laceration. In addition, the TPU material displays extraordinary performance in extremely hot and cold situations.

> 7 independent cubbies placed on the structure of the stretcher in order to make granules distributed equally in it.

> 12 handles mounted on the body that allows transferring the patient by a sufficient number of people.

> With the intent of immobilizing the patient on the stretcher and carrying him/her safely to the ambulance, 3 seat belts mounted on the stretcher.  In fact, it can be transferred to a hospital or a clinic from the ambulance later.

> Vacuum faucet with a check valve system prevents air from invading into the stretcher. Moreover, the security cap blocks the valve system from damage.

> It situated in the ambulance enduringly and it occurs a little place.

> It maintains its rigidity for a long time (about 3-4 hours).

> It is delivered with an arch and a pump. The pump eases the user as it designed especially for the stretcher that operates bidirectionally that minimizes the vacuuming process. It is achievable to pump air into the stretcher by operating the pump in a diverse direction.

> Although the vacuum stretcher designed for the ambulance, it is doable to use it in each kind of health area.

> It is manufactured as being colored in orange likewise many other international stretchers. Also, it can be produced as having a pair of colors according to the request.

> If the stretcher gets damaged inside or outside of the ambulance, it is possible to repair it. In addition, it can be delivered with a repair and maintenance kit if requested.

> It is compatible with EN 1865 standards.

> Its measurements are 205cms*100cms*5cms and weight is 7,5 kilograms. It can be carried easily under the favor of its lightness.


Vacuum Stretcher Vacuum Stretcher