Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance


Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance features a high roof, long chassis, diesel engine, and manual transmission. The ambulance is produced with a right-hand drive, but it can also be produced as a left-hand drive if desired.

From the back door, in the ambulance patient compartment, there are oxygen cylinders, oxygen humidification, and oxygen blowing systems in the right-side area.

Although the ambulance chair stretcher is located in the left side area of the Volkswagen Ambulance patient cabin, the ambulance spine board is also available on the chair stretcher.

The patient seat is located under the spine board. The patient’s seat is in the same direction with the companion sitting on the seat while the vehicle is in motion. There is also a doctor’s seat in the ambulance.

The doctor’s seat is positioned so that the patient can easily intervene. There are foamboard-based medical equipment cabinets in Volkswagen Ambulance. Cabinet doors and ceiling are selected in orange. It is also possible to use other colors as the coating material.

Four LED fluorescent lamps were used in the Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance to provide sufficient illumination. There is a turbo ventilation unit that can provide airflow in the ambulance ceiling.

Adequate air circulation can be provided in the ambulance. Air circulation is performed on average 20 times per minute.

Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance

Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance is coated with one piece of ABS material on the right and left sides. The ABS used is approximately 6 mm thick. There is also filling material for insulation behind ABS coatings.

This material provides sound and heat insulation in the ambulance. However, there is a reinforced metal sheet material behind the ABS. With this material, the required medical equipment is installed in the patient’s cabin.

Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance medical equipment is designed in the ambulance emergency type. It includes a 12-channel defibrillator device, a ventilation device for patient breathing, and a vacuum suction device for vacuum.

Medical devices used in the ambulance operate with 12V electricity. Also, the defibrillator device is compatible with 220V. 220V electricity required in the ambulance is provided by an inverter device.