Volkswagen Transporter Ambulance


The emergency type of the Volkswagen transporter ambulance works with a high-roof diesel engine.

In addition to the ambulance, it also has an external air conditioner and a diesel fuel heater. In addition to the right side of the transporter ambulance, glass is placed in the ambulance cabin to provide a bright space.

On the outside of the vehicle, there are 3 blue lights on the right side and 3 blue on the left side. On top of the ambulance, there is a led-type outdoor lighting system located at the front and back. Outdoor lighting has lighting features that can attract attention in an area of 1 km.

In the Volkswagen transporter ambulance patient cabin, in the back-side, there are oxygen cylinders, 20 liters in total on the left side. There is also an oxygen regulator to prevent excess pressure on the cylinders.

Oxygen cylinders are supported by an oxygen fixing device to keep the vehicle moving safely while it is in motion.

The ambulance floor is coated with anti-bacterial anti-slip epoxy flooring. There are two seats in the ambulance, one on the right side of the ambulance and one on the front area.

The seat on the right side can sleep up to 180 degrees if desired. There is a main stretcher in the ambulance compartment with a capacity to carry up to 200 kg of patients.

The main stretcher is supported by a three-point seat belt. In addition, the main stretcher can be used as a transfer main stretcher through an additional apparatus.

For Volkswagen transporter ambulance emergency interventions, there is an AED defibrillator device and ventilation device. These devices are located on the right-side head of the patient when viewed from the left-back.

There is a digital control system in the Volkswagen ambulance. Control of all systems in the vehicle is done with the help of this digital panel.

There are two long led type illumination and 4 small spots led lighting systems in the Volkswagen ambulance patient cabin, which can make sufficient illumination. The illumination of the Volkswagen transporter ambulance can be done with the help of the digital panel in the vehicle.