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Vw Crafter Ambulance En1789 European Standard

The Vw Crafter ambulance En1789 European Standard covers European-approved Volkswagen brand vehicles used as ambulances. Ambulance procurement is a mandatory practice in health services. Equipped vehicles such as ambulances are preferred for use in emergencies and other medical services.

Factors such as transportation and handling are very important in ambulance preference. Vw Crafter ambulance En1789 European Standard models, which aim to provide safe service in difficult road conditions, operate within the framework of the necessary approvals.


What Does Vw Crafter Ambulance En1789 European Standard Mean?

The European Standard En1789 is one of the medical vehicle assurances accepted for use in many countries. It states that the current vehicle carries the necessary equipment for use as an ambulance. Volkswagen ambulance models are also produced within the scope of this qualification. In vehicles that carry the necessary approval, the En1789 European Standards assurance must be included in the documents section.

Guaranteed ambulances offered to traffic have to transport patients and personnel safely. An ambulance is an important life-saving medical equipment. For this reason, it must have a technically equipped and robust structure. Vw Crafter ambulance serves with En1789 European Standard guarantee.


What are the Technical Specifications of Vw Crafter Ambulance En1789 European?

Vw Crafter ambulance is equipped with technical features. It is produced in a way that can carry all the equipment support needed according to the area of use. Ambulance types are determined according to the department where it is used. For example; emergency ambulances, intensive care ambulances, and patient transport ambulances are among them. The basic features needed in a standard ambulance can be included in the materials. In addition, conversion can be made for different ambulance uses with a special design request.

The space required for the elements that are frequently included in Vw Crafter Ambulance designs is designed in the first stage. Stretcher groups, main medical supplies, safety supplies, medical bags, and disposable products are frequently needed in ambulances. The correct positioning of these products, which are within the scope of European standards, is vital. For this reason, they are bound by certain rules and made ready with ambulance equipment.

The Vw Crafter Ambulance En1789 European standard models, which are offered to the market with a warranty, are designed to be quite versatile. LED headlights that support night vision to provide maximum safety at night and in adverse road conditions are among the features commonly used in vehicles.

One of the most preferred features of the Crafter model is the advantage of using an 8-level and automatic transmission. Thus, it is possible to provide convenience in the emergency parking and speed balance of the ambulance. Smooth and smooth gear shifts are another feature used in the ambulance model.

Ambulances are specially designed vehicles that participate in emergency intervention and need to move fast. Therefore, in addition to the features designed for standard vehicles, it is expected to have some detailed equipment. Vw Crafter Ambulance models show that production is carried out according to the expected medical vehicle qualifications.


Vw Crafter Ambulance Production under En1789 European Standard

The specially equipped Vw Crafter Ambulance En1789 designs are carefully monitored during the production and conversion phase. Whether the vehicle is suitable for ambulance use can be easily understood with the documents obtained at the production step. En1789 is a set of practices followed by many countries but not mandatory. Health equipment conditions are determined within the framework of European standards, which are free to use according to preference.

Ambulance interior and exterior design are among the equipment produced in a very versatile way. Ambulance models that provide durability and comfortable driving become ready for sale by going through the production process.

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