We’ve achieved the production of Ford Emergency Ambulances within 7 days

It took 2 workdays to equip kits of the Ford Emergency Ambulances in our factory based in Turkey. The instant conversion kits arrived in the Ambulance factory located in Albania within 2 days and we completed manufacturing them in there within 3 days. We were able to deliver the ambulance to our customer at the end of the sixth day. After receiving the Macedonia ambulance, our customer was seen absolutely satisfied. We’ve produced the Ford Emergency Ambulances. They involve a paramedic defibrillator with 12 conduits and Weinmann ambulance ventilator. We have elaborated to choose mostly Europe origin products including the stretchers of the emergency ambulances. Aluminum stretchers, with a 10g test certificate, were used as the stretchers of the ambulances. Besides the ambulance main stretcher, a scoop and a chair stretcher placed into the ambulance. One-piece wipeable abs covering having antibacterial surface used in the interior parts of the ambulance. It is important to use abs for coverings of the ambulances as it has permeable pores that prevent microorganisms to live inside the walls. 

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