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Yemen Mercedes Ambulance Delivery

Our three Yemen Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance s were delivered to Yemen through humanitarian organizations.

While the civil war and troubles continue in Yemen, humanitarian organizations continue to send various aid materials to the region. In this context, humanitarian organizations have been requested by AmbulanceMed for three Mercedes Sprinter Ambulances assistance for Yemen. Our Mercedes Sprinter Ambulances were completed in a short period of two weeks and delivered to the places determined by humanitarian organizations and delivered.

One of our Mercedes Sprinter ambulances was delivered to Dali city of Yemen and one to Hadramut City and the last one was delivered to the city of Hudeyde. Humanitarian organizations continue to provide much aid in the region in order to support human drama in the country where the civil war continues. As AmbulanceMed, we are very proud of the use and benefit of our company’s products in Yemen, where the human drama is experienced.

Our Mercedes Sprinter ambulances are manufactured in accordance with European standards in order to get the highest level of ambulance service in Yemen, where human drama is experienced. Our ambulances are manufactured and delivered without commercial purposes, led by humanitarian organizations.

Our Mercedes Sprinter ambulances are actively used in Yemen since 2019 when delivery. The disposable needs of the ambulances are also met by our company under the leadership of humanitarian organizations and are provided to reach the region

Mercedes Sprinter ambulance has been specially recommended to humanitarian organizations by AmbulanceMed. AmbulanceMed quality has been meticulously processed in its manufacture. As AmbulanceMed, we would like to state that we continue our cooperation with humanitarian organizations and we are very proud and happy as a company in this regard.

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