Contenedor Hospitalario Expandible (24 metros cuadrados)

Contenedor hospitalario expandible (24 metros cuadrados)

The expandable container provides a more extended usage area compared with usual hospital containers. The expandable container offers a 24m2 operating field averagely when it is completely freed. A hydraulic stabilizer function can be added in order to facilitate handling. The outside area of the container can be extended to 170 centimeters. There is proper assembling equipment for the medical devices and the sockets concerning the output of the oxygen and nitrogen gases in the mobile hospital container. The installments of the medical devices pass through inside of the coverings of the walls and the ceiling. The internal height of the container is 240 centimeters. 3 led lighting system is established in the ceiling; in addition, a lamp for the surgery desk is located in the middle of the ceiling. A full-function operation desk rotating 360 degrees is positioned in the middle of the container if it is produced as a surgical type. The desk is immobilized in the container. The container does not require any mounting, even when it is expanding and closing. The cups in the patient cabinet is designed as modular. They can be easily replaced somewhere else after the container is being expanded. The ground of the container is capped with an anti-static and antibacterial epoxy resin material, which is wipeable. There is a touch-operate command board having 20 inches greatness in the expandable container. The entire lighting system of the container, heating and cooling system, medical gases, HEPA filters, alarm