Emergency Ambulance service type includes defibrillator ventilator, syringe pump, infusion pump devices and equipment needed for medical intervention.

  • Nissan Urvan is an ambulance gasoline engine and its model year is 2021. The Nissan Urvan vehicle is high roof and has the internal elevation required to be an ambulance. Ambulance interior surfaces are coated with antibacterial ambulance material. Before the coating was made, the necessary isolation process was performed inside the vehicle. Along with the isolation inside the ambulance, the necessary heat and sound insulation was provided. Nissan Urvan ambulance when viewed from the rear door, there is an ambulance cabinet made of complete mdf material on the left side. There are sufficient areas in the ambulance cabinet where medical and medical materials can be positioned regularly. As a color, the outer coating of Blue has been applied, color options can be changed according to customer requests and requirements. The outer frames of the ambulance cabinet were used aluminium material.
  • There are two 10L oxygen tanks in the ambulance. One oxygen regulator is located on the oxygen tubes. The oxygen tube cabinet is located on the right side of the doctor’s chair. It can be easily changed with its clamshell structure.
  • The Nissan Emergency Ambulance Service doctor seat is located just behind the car decks, and communication with the driver can be easily achieved through the sliding window.
  • There is an emergency bag next to the Nissan ambulance doctor chair.
  • The ambulance has a companion seat, which can also be blue or orange on the right side when viewed from the back door. In the companion seat, there is a spine board and a neck brace, an air splint, and next to the companion seat there is a 2 lt fire extinguisher tube. Emergency Ambulance Service main stretcher is blue or orange in color, made of aluminium material, has an average capacity to carry up to 240 kg of patients.
  • The Nissan ambulance has one platform ramp that can be easily loaded.
  • Outside the ambulance there is a circular type external warning and warning system. Control of these can be done by means of the control unit located in the ambulance driver’s cabin.
  • Nissan ambulance has four LED type lighting in the inner cab, two circular LED lighting systems.


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