Head Stabilizer

The head stabilizer is designed to be used to fix the head and neck part of the patient who has problems in the spine or cervical region to the spine board; it is an important transfer assistant both to reduce the patient’s pain and to prevent severe damage and to facilitate the transporters; it can also be used with other suitable stretchers besides the spine board.

The head stabilizer is simply fixed to the spine board or the appropriate stretcher thanks to the adjusted column connections when fixing the head and jaw part of the patient thanks to its adjusted tapes. Head Stabilizer does not stain; it is quite easy to clean.

It laterally immobilizes the cervical region on all types of spine boards. Head fastening wedges positioned with velcro; soft padded jaw and forehead bands are available. Easy-to-clean vinyl coated. Wide opening is available to control the ear area. X-rays are permeable.

The head fastening apparatus prevents the injured or sick person’s neck from playing. When used; it greatly prevents the injured person’s neck from being crippled or permanently damaged. The head fastening apparatus does not disturb the patient thanks to its soft texture. The product can be mounted on farash stretchers; spine and spoon stretchers. It’s easy toclean. All our products are guaranteed and proven stretcher varieties you can use safely.

Head Stabilizer Head Stabilizer

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